12. Jul, 2018

5 Things Not To Do

Progress in any endeavour is rarely linear, and it's perfectly OK to feel like you are riding a roller-coaster on your journey towards your success provided, that is, your ups and downs are in the ascendency. 

The following 5 simple but profound DON'Ts are not negotiable to sustained success:

1. DON'T dwell with negative people ~ should you find yourself in the company of those who complain and blame everyone else, politely walk away at the earliest opportunity. To grow into that which you want to become, make a decision to invest your precious time only with people who have achieved what you want, or those who know how to get you there. And, find at least two others who want to be just like you are, right now. Being mentored by those who know and do, and being a mentor to those who want to know and do, allows you to receive, practice and pass on appropriate, effective and sustainable skills. In giving, you receive. 

2. DON'T dwell on disappointed ~ disappointment is a natural but wholly negative emotion. Left un-disciplined, it will only corrupt your vital productive-stress (cooking on gas) into destructive-stress (burn-out and rust-out). All failings is success turned inside out. The vital ingredient to personal growth is to know what not to do whilst remaining a happy learner. And, learning to unlearn is critical to becoming the best you can become. When you were at school you were not encouraged to think for yourself. Now you can think for yourself, accept nothing and believe no one unless you confirm everything! 

3. DON'T dwell in the past ~ depression may be defined as living too much in the past, whilst anxiety may be defined as living too much in the future. Neither serves any useful purpose when left unchecked; one's history can never be changed; and, one's future is always uncertain. It has been reported those born since 1990 suffer more depression or more anxiety than any previous generations. This is thought to be due, in no small part, to excessive use of smart devices, including video gaming, coupled with low social interaction. Living in the moment, rather than for the moment, whilst associating with uplifting people will stimulate your creativity. Hi-tech will never replace high-touch!

4. DON'T dwell on the problem ~ once you know what your problem is, focus only on resolving it! Revisiting problems over and over is self-destructive and will stifle your creativity. If you haven't a clue how to fix a problem, involve others (see item 1 above) who have the experience of what to think and what to do when faced with your problem. And, if you don't know anyone, ask around! A problem only remains a problem without a solution!

5. DON'T say "Yes" to everyone ~ doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done means keeping your eye on your end-game. This means saying 'No' sometimes. Saying 'No' can be done with dignity, courtesy and politeness but saying 'No' is vital to what is important to your accomplishments. Important things should never become urgent and the leading cause of important things becoming urgent is taking on more than can be accomplished in the time available. The late Stephen R. Covey taught we must each win our private victory before we can begin to win any public victory. Be proactive, begin with the end in mind and put first things first.

In-A-Nutshell: To Know and not to do is not to know! 

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Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!

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