6. Sep, 2018

To Get The Very Best Out Of You

Juggling everything you have to do to achieve a successful work/life balance can often be incredibly stressful!

Separating essential tasks only you can perform from all other necessary demands on you, mind-numbing.

Here is a simple but highly effective process that I have trained for more than 3-decades to help separate what only you can do on your road to success from all the other stuff that keeps you moving forward.

The net result is sanity and I’m going to use three profound headings:

  • Must!
  • Should!
  • Could!

But before we look at the content under each heading, let’s understand my use of each word:

MUST ~ means only you must do it and is a command word! You ignore these critical tasks at your peril. This list contains everything essential to your career survival and is as important to you as your next breath. Each task listed must be completed by you alone as prescribed and on time. It is your physical obligation that no one else can do for you!

For example, you engage new clients. NOTE: If you can delegate this task to another, it no longer remains on your Must list!

SHOULD ~ means keeping you on the right path and is an option word! It refers to any and all tasks that contribute to your ongoing success but which can be performed by someone else. ‘Should’ is an auxiliary function that fulfills your accountability through another.  

For example, you don't have to research your market opportunities!

COULD ~ means helping you get better at what you do! It is also an option word but carries less force or certainty than ‘Should’! ‘Could’ is a task to be performed that is not immediately critical to your current financial or emotional well-being and may also be carried out by another.

For example, a PA could research solutions to client cases.

M/S/C in Practice

Before assigning any task to a Must, Should or Could simply make a single list of every function (but every function) you are accountable for in securing your typical work period i.e. day, week, month.

Let’s use a typical self-employed selling role for which I have listed 20 tasks to be performed on a regular basis (you might think of more):

  1. Planning
  2. Organising
  3. Accounting
  4. Phone Calls
  5. Prospecting
  6. Obtaining Introductions
  7. Make Appointments
  8. Meet New Prospect’s
  9. Meet Existing Clients
  10. Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas Cards
  11. Research Solutions
  12. Write Reports & Letters
  13. Complete Client Applications
  14. Process Applications
  15. Deliver Documents
  16. Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  17. Travel
  18. Eat
  19. Sleep
  20. Time With Partner/Family


MUSTs (only you can do) ~ 1) Eat 2) Sleep 3) Travel 4) Family 5) CPD 6) Meet Clients

This suggests a whopping 14 tasks under SHOULDs & COULDs that can be performed by someone else leaving you more time to spend with the important people in your life!

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