26. Sep, 2018

I Don’t Like That Man, I Must Get To Know Him Better

The above is a quote by twice elected 16th US President Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) and expresses THE critical consideration for every relationship.

Did you know there is up to a 90% chance that you will fail-to-connect with someone, just because you behave differently to them? Think of moments when you just didn't click and you’ll get the message!

Research unequivocally supports there are four distinct social groups (Primary Personalities) in this world and you belong to one of them. Of the tens-of-millions of people profiled since the mid-20th century it is clear each group respectively represents 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% of the population ~ and you fall within just one of them!

As everyone's emotional and financial well-being depends on maintaining positive relationships, let’s take a look at each.

If you are the sort of personality that puts TASKS first in a relationship, you are within a representative bi-party group of 30% of the total, which means you could unwittingly offend 7-in-10 of those you want to establish a new relationship with.

If you are the sort of personality that puts FEELINGS first in a relationship, you are within the remaining 70% bi-party group, which means you may unwittingly dumb-down 3-in-10 new relationships.

Either outcome is expensive in emotional terms and, should you get it wrong commercially, in financial terms, too.

In the latter half of the last century, the Direct Selling Association (DSA) published a startling report stating the ‘closing ratio’ between the average salesperson and their new customers was 1-in-3. That statistic implied that, if you always behave just like you, you can only look forward to satisfying three new customers out of every ten presentations. And, if your role is to use a two-stage process, that productivity drops to 1-in-10 viz. 33% of 33%.

Does this suggest that accommodating someone's personality, first, is critical to every business, social and domestic situation? TOTALLY!

So, let’s start by discovering a little about your own Primary Personality

  • If you essentially want direct answers to keep you in control of decisions, you are within a 10% group of the profiled population
  • If you essentially want the facts and figures to way up the pros’ and cons’ of any proposition, you are in a 20% group of the profiled population
  • If you essentially need to get-to-know those who want to get along with you, you are in a 30% group of the profiled population, and
  • If you essentially need to trust someone as a friend before you open up, you are in a 40% group of the profiled population

So, what must YOU do to relate to more people, more often?

To begin with, check out the overview of each Primary Personality heading at the top of this page.

With experienced coaching and your proper application of the principles we coach, it is highly probable that you will get along better with almost everyone you meet, most of the time multiplying your income and happiness.

You figure out your potential emotional and financial returns!

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