31. Oct, 2018

Surely Everyone Possesses Some Of Each Personality!

Well, yes and no!

Yes’ ~ because everyone is capable of psychologically maturing by observing and learning how to relate to others ~ or what’s the point of this coaching? This, however, is adapting behaviour to compliment another’s behaviour, not changing our habitual way of doing things. And …

No’, because everyone is a creature of habit, which is learned during formative years and essentially remains with us for the rest of our lives.

As we have demonstrated, a behaviour is essentially dominant as with the COOL / TELLER, cautious as with the COOL / ASKER, inspirational as with the WARM / TELLER or supportive as with the WARM / ASKER. Personality is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong, it's just the way they are.

However, most people also possess observable back-up traits from one of the other four primary personalities [NOTE: a ‘pure’ primary personality, without backup personality, is rare, however, it is easier to recognize].   

For example, the cool/teller may also possess backup traits of the warm/asker which will tend to soften their directness; or the warm/teller may also possess backup traits of the cool/asker which will tend to help them seek understanding et al.

When any backup personality attaches to a primary personality, we will observe 16 distinct personalities, however; this is only relevant in such depth within workplace situations including one-on-one managing and, to some extent, career selection.

In daily situations, it is far simpler for the TELLERS to learn to back-off more often and for the ASKERS to learn to speak their mind more often.

Such role-shifting does not change primary personality (which takes a trauma) but does demonstrate a willingness to modify or adapt your personality to allow the other personality to feel more comfortable in your presence. 

The net result is the other personality will subconsciously adapt to your personality and you will each get along better. Comprendez?

  • Won’t People See Me As Something I'm Not?

Good question! Our coaching aims to improve your effectiveness with more people, more often and especially when your emotional or financial well-being is in play. Whether you are aware of it or not you ‘role-shift’ to a certain extent anyway or you wouldn’t get on with anyone! We aim to hone your interpersonal skills awareness for better outcomes for everybody.

So, what do you have to learn to be able to consciously accommodate people just like you and adapt to those with little or nothing in common with you?

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