23. Nov, 2018

COOL/TELLER Relating To The Other Three Personalities

For today and over the next three T4TWs we shall overview how each Primary Personality needs to accommodate each of the other PPs for the best possible chance of a mutually beneficial outcome.

Today we shall start with how the COOL/TELLER (1-in-10 people) must accommodate others …

A COOL/TELLER encounters a WARM/TELLER (3-in-10 people) ~ both share high assertiveness!

  • Helpful traits in common: each believes they know their own mind. Obtaining a 'result' is mutually beneficial
  • Possible clashes: whilst the C/T wants to stick to the point, the W/T wants to have some fun along the way.
  • Accommodation: the C/T must play to the W/T sense of fun whilst allowing them time to be late (for almost everything), time to take/make a mobile phone call, and time to wander off the subject. The C/T needs to join in with W/T stories and anecdotes
  • For example: don’t get down-to-business too quickly, and actively listen to them: even recall a few of your own situations about “someone who shall remain nameless”

A COOL/TELLER encounters a COOL/ASKER (2-in-10 people) ~ both share low emotiveness!

  • Helpful traits in common: each is task orientated meaning they put things before people
  • Possible clashes: whereas the C/T wants to get to the end solution, the C/A wants to explore and explore and explore the processes to the solution
  • Accommodation: compose an agenda that will help keep you both on a schedule towards the accomplishment
  • For example: explore several procedures to achieve the task or tasks to be accomplished. Agree a possibly, maybe, perhaps timeline for the outcome

A COOL/TELLER encounters a WARM/ASKER (4-in-10 people) ~ your greatest challenge!

  • Helpful traits in common: none at all!
  • Possible clashes: if the C/T maintains their natural drive to get down to business, the W/A will probably not object but won't return your future contacts either
  • Accommodation: become a W/A friend before ‘chatting’ about what needs to be done and why
  • For example: sincerely ask after their family, their close friends, even their dog. Spend time getting to know them, and who and what they care about

In the next T4TW, we shall explore a WARM/TELLER meeting each of the other primary personalities.

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