29. Nov, 2018

WARM/TELLER Relating To The Other Three Personalities

Last weeks BLOG looked at what simple observations and courtesies the COOL/TELLER should extend to relate (accommodate) each of the other three primary personalities.

This BLOG looks at what simple observations and courtesies the WARM/TELLER (3-in-10 people) should extend for the best possible mutually beneficial outcomes with the other three PPs.

A WARM/TELLER encounters a COOL/TELLER (1-in-10 people) ~ both share high assertiveness!

  • Helpful traits in common: you both are results orientated
  • Possible clashes: whilst the W/T wants to have some fun whilst striving to achieve, the C/T wants to get things done, first
  • Accommodation: the W/T must seek first to understand where the C/T is coming from and demonstrate they are capable of 'delivering' what is wanted
  • For example: asking pertinent questions will flesh-out a ‘working agenda’ and will settle the mind of the C/T that you are competent

A WARM/TELLER encounters a WARM/ASKER (4-in-10 people) ~ both share high emotiveness!

  • Helpful traits in common: you both want to get to know each other, personally
  • Possible clashes: if the W/T remains in-your-face, the W/A may become intimidated. The W/A will probably not openly object, but won’t return any future contact either
  • Accommodation: the W/T must calm down - quite a lot - and strive to become friends, first
  • For example: the W/T can remain their natural light-hearted self, but must tone down anecdotes and funny stories, positively avoiding slagging others off. Ask W/As about who and what they care about

A WARM/TELLER encounters a COOL/ASKER (2-in-10 people) ~ your greatest challenge!

  • Helpful traits in common: none at all!
  • Possible clashes: whereas the W/T wants a laugh and a giggle, the C/A wants to know they are technically competent to explore different procedures to possible solutions
  • Accommodation: the W/T must remain emotionally detached by focusing on the tasks at hand. Any hint of a ‘friendship’ might develop after the W/T has proved themselves
  • For example: remain procedural, keeping the C/A involved through questions about what wants to be explored and how

In the next BLOG, we shall explore a COOL/ASKER meeting each of the other primary personalities.

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