11. Dec, 2018

COOL/ASKER Relating To The Other Three Personalities

During the past few weeks, we have looked at how each primary personality needs to accommodate someone just like themselves, and how the two assertive personalities need to accommodate each of the other three personalities.

Today, we look at how the COOL/ASKER  (2-in-10 people) needs to accommodate the other three personalities for a mutually beneficial outcome.

A COOL/ASKER  encounters a WARM/ASKER (4-in-10 people) ~ both share low assertiveness!

  • Helpful traits in common: both accept sacrifice is required to accomplish something
  • Possible clashes: whereas the C/A wants to focus on HOW things work, the W/A wants to focus on WHO will benefit. If offended, the W/A will probably not openly say so, but won’t return future contact
  • Accommodation: the C/A needs be a friend, before an analyst. Prioritise the importance of the people the W/A cares about
  • For example: the C/A must sincerely ask about the important relationships in the life of the W/A

A COOL/ASKER  encounters a COOL/TELLER (1-in-10 people) ~ both share low emotiveness!

  • Helpful traits in common: both put tasks before people
  • Possible clashes: whilst the C/A wants to explore all possible solutions before seeking any solution, the C/T wants to get to a solution quickly ~ even if it is not the best one right now
  • Accommodation: the C/A will naturally focus on the detail but must quickly discover and agree what the C/T thinks the problem is and what they think might be the solution. Formulate a working agenda together
  • For example: ask what the C/T has on their mind and what ~ if anything ~ they want do about it (which may be nothing)

A COOL/ASKER  encounters a WARM/TELLER (3-in-10 people) ~ your greatest challenge!

  • Helpful traits in common: none at all!
  • Possible clashes: whilst the C/A wants to demonstrate they are technically competent, the W/T wants a laugh and a giggle
  • Accommodation: the C/A needs to lighten-up and be prepared for lots of distraction and interruption
  • For example: keep your desire to start every conversation with pen and paper in check. The W/T will let you know when they are ready to get down to the serious stuff

In the next BLOG, we shall explore a WARM/ASKER meeting each of the other primary personalities.

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