13. Dec, 2018

WARM/ASKER Relating To The Other Three Personalities

This is the last in the current T4TWs that takes a look at the best way to accommodate each of the primary personalities.

Today, we look at how the WARM/ASKER (4-in-10 people) needs to accommodate each of the other three personalities.

A WARM/ASKER encounters a WARM/TELLER (3-in-10 people) ~ both share high emotiveness!

  • Helpful traits in common: you both want to get to know each other, personally
  • Possible clashes: the W/A is intimidated by pushiness. The W/T will expect everyone to have an opinion on just about anything
  • Accommodation: the W/A needs to be prepared to 'argue'. Don't worry, you will do so in a personable way
  • For example: listen carefully to what the W/T is rambling on about and contribute to the conversation.  Show real interest in the W/Ts successes

A WARM/ASKER encounters a COOL/ASKER (2-in-10 people) ~ both share low assertiveness!

  • Helpful traits in common: neither of you is pushy
  • Possible clashes: whereas the W/A wants to find out about ‘who’ is important in everybody's life, the C/A guards personal stuff until they have a reason to reveal it
  • Accommodation: the W/A must delay making friends until the C/A is comfortable they can trust your competence at … whatever
  • For example: keep your conversation task orientated. Focus on things rather than relationships

A WARM/ASKER encounters a COOL/TELLER (1-in-10 people) ~ your greatest challenge!

  • Helpful traits in common: none at all!
  • Possible clashes: whereas the W/A wants to be friendly, the C/T wants to get to the point and stick to it
  • Accommodation: the W/As need for friendship must be deferred until the C/T thinks they have something to contribute
  • For example: the W/A must be attentive to C/T thoughts and ideas. You can 'argue' when there is substance to argue about

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