15. Jan, 2019

Casting & Recruitment

“If personality profiling has been around for 8-decades, why do organisations still have such a high turnover of staff?”

Good Question ... and depending on which work analysis you study, average annual staff turnover is between 1-in-6 and 4-in-6, which is a terrible waste of time and money for any organisation. For graduate placements, the figure for defection within 12-months of engagement is 5-in-6 (over 80%)!.

So, What Are The Reasons For Defection?

Excluding circumstances beyond someone's control, such as bereavement or illness, people leave their job for three avoidable reasons. 

Two of the top three job-related defections are due to:

  • promised job-role or reward failing to materialise, and
  • being the only job offer at the time income was needed

But, the PRIMARY cause of defection is, without doubt, a personality clash with management, a colleague, or even customers.

From a 2-year study of the recruitment industry, we discovered even experienced interviewers focus almost exclusively on a resume/CV (online recruitment algorithms tend to altogether replace high-touch with hi-tech) in the false belief that all successful candidates will willingly reproduce more of their past productivity in the future. OUCH!

The answer to the opening question is that most interviewers ~ through ignorance or lack of interpersonal skills training ~ overlook someone's reason Why (motivation) on the rash assumption that simply turning up for an interview is motivation enough. They also fail to identify How the candidate does things (behaviour). Both are ultimate cash-burning failings! 

So, What Is Casting?

As important as the Why and How of the candidate is, both are irrelevant UNTIL management has ‘Cast’ the role(s) they wish to be performed.

Every work engagement is like casting for a West End Stage Production. Every member of the ‘cast’ performing a complementary role so the performance is pleasing the audiences!

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