1. Feb, 2019

Change Your Environment

Have you ever tried to dump a persistent bad habit that is holding back your career or personal situation? 

If in-discipline is getting in the way of doing what you know you should to secure your success and happiness, and you can’t break the cycle of try and fail, try and fail, you need to seriously review your environment.

Overwhelming evidence reveals the people you spend most of your time with and the environment you spend most of your time in helps or hinders your true potential. 

Duke University, North Carolina USA noticed it was possible that students who habitually distracted themselves through TV media could break-the-habit and focus on their studies when they transferred to a new university. Of course, addictive personalities continued to feed their bad-habit, which, inevitably produced lower academic achievement.

Not surprisingly, animals develop inappropriate habits, too. When living in a bad environment, negative triggers reinforce poor behaviour. But, from the moment an animal is placed in an uplifting environment, new patterns of positive behaviour trigger reinforcers for personal growth.

The same is true for you and me!

“To develop better habits”, says Professor Wendy Wood who lead the Duke study, “it is essential to pay attention to your environment and not rely on willpower alone”.

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