14. Mar, 2019

Everyone Sells; All Of The Time!

Your partner sells you the idea of holidaying in the Caribbean.

A parent sells their children the idea of getting good grades at school.

A boss sells the idea of the business ethos to recruits and employees.

A sales professional sells the idea of their integrity and skill to the customer.

'Counsellor Selling' is a book dedicated to every sales professional!

The precepts discussed and demonstrated within Counsellor Selling may be new to you or you will polish existing skills as a student of human communication.

Either way, Counsellor Selling will show in clear, simple and practical terms how to become increasingly effective with everyone you meet ~ and especially within a professional situation.

As you practice Counsellor Selling you will inevitably realise your desire to become highly effective with everyone you meet; a critical outcome to your ongoing emotional and financial wellbeing.

You'll become more effective at:

RELATING ~ Each Personality Will Feel Comfortable With You

DISCOVERING PROBLEM(s) ~ Never Offer Any Solutions Until The Customer Has Discovered And Agreed A Problem Exists AND That THEY Want To Do Something About It

ADVOCATING SOLUTION(s) ~ Allows The Customer To Determine Their Own Solutions 

SUPPORTING CUSTOMER ACTIONS ~ Doing The Right Thing, Right In The Short Term, Medium Term And Long Term

This Counsellor Selling Edition supports financial services selling and retails at £19.95. It contains FIVE essential chapters and TEN practical working models to multiply income and happiness in selling.

The first 100 people to respond to this BLOG will receive the entire pdf copy one section at a time on request until complete.