22. Mar, 2019

"Do Personalities Truly Perform Certain Roles Better?"

Great question and the answer is, it depends what you mean by 'better'?

Given desire and relevant qualifications, any of the four primary personalities we have been exploring can perform just about any job-role! It's not a question of can someone do something, it's a question of will they be motivated to do it well, keep on doing it, and fit in with the existing organisational culture?

So, before applying motivational profiling (Why?) with personality profiling (How?) to each live candidate, it is fundamentally essential that an organisation determines what they are looking for in advance, and this includes casting every role to be performed within the entire organisation, identifying critical motivating values offered within those roles, and determining the best personality to complement existing people.

Failing to achieve this depth of understanding will inevitably lead to conflict and even, rebellion!

Casting ~ 1st Essential

Much like the role of a stage director, the first task of an organisation is to 'cast' each job-role they want performed, from the ground-floor upwards. This, of course, includes the classic job-specification with associated financial reward.

Money, however, is only one of twelve (12) motivating values people seek to satisfy. And, should an organisation solely play the cash-card to recruit someone, what happens when another organisation offers more?

Motivating Values ~ 2nd Essential

There are six primary motivators people seek to satisfy. They are: theoretical; economic; aesthetic; social; political; and, regulatory with each having polar opposites, hence twelve in all.

Strange as it may seem, consistently motivated people don't always do it for the money, and yet far too many organisations lean heavily upon this form of motivation [email john@uetp.co.uk to explore each of the 12-classic motivating values]

Personality ~ 3rd Essential

Continuing the stage director analogy, job-specs' alone fail to take into account the character or personality of the role to be performed. Every casting director visualises the delivery of their version of leading man or woman long before they set out to look for the person to play that part. And, so should every commercial enterprise.

Failing to determine, in advance, the required behaviour within a job-role invariably leads to conflict, which becomes dissatisfaction, then disaffection and finally defection as people leave!

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Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!