29. Apr, 2019

STRESS Reactions for Each Primary Personality

Over recent months, we've been exploring how to recognise and adapt to the four Primary Personalities. 

Not surprisingly, each has a dedicated STRESS REACTION, too. So, what is Stress?

Stress may be defined as the balance between what you are being asked to do and your ability to satisfy that demand to a consistent level of reasonable expectation! Keeping the BALANCE/CAPACITY see-saw more of less horizontal most of the time drives effective performance and personal satisfaction.

However, when someone is persistently expected to perform without appropriate and effective coaching they lose their mental faculty and are said to BURN-OUT. Equally, when someone is persistently expected to perform below their experience, skill or ability they become bored, and RUST-OUT.

Neither situation is conducive to good mental welfare.  

We know that distinct behaviour of the four Primary Personalities is determined by their emotive response ~ the tendency to freely display feelings, or not ~ and their assertive response ~ the tendency to take control of situations and others, or not.

We've mentioned that anyone with adequate training and motivation can perform just about any role. Yet, research reveals unequivicolly that each primary personality is best suited to certain tasks, jobs or professions over the longer-term.

We termed the four Primary Personalities: COOL/TELLER; WARM/ASKERWARM/TELLER; and, COOL/ASKERSo, what happens when someone’s Demand/Capacity see-saw is out of balance? What can we expect to observe when each PP enters a stress ‘reaction’? And, what can we do to help them return to ‘normal’?

Remember, we use two dimensions to observe behaviour: emotiveness ~ someone’s tendency to show how they are feeling and, assertiveness ~ someone’s tendency to tell other’s what to do.

Stress Reactions

There are four levels someone passes through between perceived ‘normal’ behaviour and extreme ‘stress’. We shall explore levels 2,3 & 4 in subsequent BLOGS, but the first observable shift in behaviour is when each personality becomes more of what they are:

The COOL/TELLER becomes cooler and more assertive. They want to WIN at all costs. They square up, confront and become DICTATORIAL

The WARM/ASKER is the antithesis of the cool/teller becoming more emotional and even less assertive. They AQUIESE or give in. Rather than confront directly, they ‘pee-in-your-pickle-jar’ and become SPITEFUL.

The WARM/TELLER becomes hot headed and even more assertive. They get ANGRY and personally INSULTING.

The COOL/ASKER is the antitheses of the warm/teller becoming cooler, and evasive. They hide behind irrelevant QUESTIONING to divert or distract from the main issue. They becoming CRITICAL


When you learn to recognise and adapt to each Primary Personality, you dramatically raise the likelihood of a mutually beneficial outcome and dramatically reduce the likelihood of creating a STRESS REACTION. Something that only rewards your emotional and financial wellbeing.

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