8. May, 2019

What Happens When Excessive Stress Continues?

In April 29th BLOG we looked at the initial or 1st PHASE STRESS REACTION within each of the four Primary Personalities. 

As a recap, in the 1st PHASE of excess stress, each PP becomes more of what they are, meaning they become more emotive or less emotive, and more assertive or less assertive. This critical observation is essential to maintaining a positive relationship as it indicates when you may be placing *EXCESSIVE DEMAND on the other persons CAPACITY TO COPE, which can be what you've said and done, or left unsaid and undone.

If you are the primary cause of someone else's initial STRESS REACTION and fail to respond appropriately to correct it, you might as well leave now. But for academic purposes, the following phases describe the outcome of unrelieved, progressive excess stress: 
2nd PHASE STRESS REACTION (severe) ~ an opposing shift occurs in someone's assertiveness. High assertive personalities become less assertive, and low assertive personalities become more assertive.
For example, a COOL/TELLER (top left quartile) appears less controlling seeming to behave like a COOL/ASKER (bottom left quartile). REMEMBER, this is a 2nd phase stress reaction and won't be relieved unless the cause of the stress is removed. Further, the WARM/ASKER (bottom right quartile) appears to become more assertive seeming to behave like a WARM/TELLER (top right quartile). REMEMBER too, this shift remains as long as the cause of the excess stress continues. If it does ... 
3rd PHASE STRESS REACTION (critical) ~ the personality returns to their own Primary Personality BUT adds or subtracts an emotional dimension. A COOL/TELLER (top left quartile) returns to being highly assertive BUT becomes highly emotional like a WARM/TELLER. (top right quartile). And, finishing the example of a WARM/ASKER (bottom right quartile) who returns to being low assertive BUT lowers their emotiveness too becoming like a COOL/ASKER (bottom left quartile).
4th PHASE STRESS REACTION (clinical) ~ requires help beyond the scope of this article!
Does all this sound irrelevant to you and your world? 
Ask yourself how much personal or financial loss you've incurred in the past 12-months without really understanding why then, email john@uetp.co.uk
*unproductive stress accumulating beyond an individuals capacity to cope may be caused by a single or recurring event or memory or a combination of disassociated events or memories over an indefinite period of time 
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