29. May, 2019

What Others Think Of You

What do the following quotes suggest to your mind?
  1. As he thinketh in his heart so is he (King Solomon's Proverbs, c.BC700)
  2. What you think, you become, (Siddhartha Gautama aka Buddha, c.BC400)  
  3. Life is what our thoughts make of it (Marcus Aurelius, c.150AD)
  4. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve (Napoleon Hill, c.1920AD)  
  5. No try. Do or don't do (Yoda, Star Wars Trilogy, 1977-83)
Everyone starts every day with or without desire.
You awake from your slumbers thinking about what matters most to you and those you care about. Or, you slide into thinking about what will get you through the day ~ if you keep your head down. 
You seek greater opportunities, or you settle for more of the same until you have blown your allotted 540 pay-cheques (12 months x 45 years), and nobody wants the way you do things anymore. RIP!
As the highest animal on this planet, human being's have the innate capacity to fail or to accomplish spectacularly ~ whatever you imagine those two impostors are. To fail you need only do nothing. To accomplish you need only Desire, Belief and Expectation. 
Desire ~ the first step of your journey that breathes belief into each step along your way. Without desire you start nothing. Without desire you are desire-less, lethargic, impotent. With desire you are unstoppable.
Belief ~ the sense that precedes expectation, your knowing you can do it inch-by-inch, your feeling you are alive each day to opportunity. Without belief you are just one of the crowd. Without belief you are belief-less, doubtful, sceptical. With belief you are driven
Expectation ~ the gateway that opens your mind to inspiration, even revelation. Without expectation you are rooted to the spot. Without expectation you are expectation-less, unimaginative, mentally numb. With expectation you are awakened.  
Desire plus Belief plus Expectation is the trilogy that becomes your BEST YOU. It is the human power-house to all your accomplishment. Without it you will go to your grave wondering what might have been.
Are obstacles strewn before you? Of course! The first is your desire to get rid of what's in your way. Those little barriers of sand standing before you that seem so insurmountable ~ if you think they are!. Those little barriers that seem insurmountable because people have told you You can't do that; You're not good enough; There are better people than you out there and, you surrendered your desire, belief and expectation to their perceptions of you. 
How foolish! What others think of you is none of your business! 
What you and your maker think of you is the only thing that matters!
Choose now, this day, to dismiss other people's thinking of you without further argument. Choose to unleash your true potential. 
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