21. Jun, 2019

Counsellor Selling [BEST YOU 6]

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A plumber wrote to health and safety officials querying the use of hydrochloric acid as an effective drain cleaner. They replied: "The efficacy of hydrochloric acid is indisputable, but corrosive residue is incompatible with metallic permanence."


The plumber wrote back that he was grateful they agreed it was OK to use hydrochloric acid. They replied again with a note of alarm: "We cannot assume responsibility for the production of toxic and noxious residues from the use of hydrochloric acid and suggest an alternative procedure."

He wrote once more expressing his delight that they remained confident in his use of hydrochloric acid as an effective drain cleaner. Whereupon, they exploded: "Don't use hydrochloric acid, it eats the hell out of pipes!"

Truly relating to someone need not be a difficult process, yet in our formative years we are only taught to string words together to make sentences, with little or no regard to the consequences of the words we use or how we say them.

“Counsellor Selling” is written with a view of securing consecutive steps in the process of getting along with more people more often than not and especially when important decisions are to be made.

The net result: more mutually beneficial outcomes.

We have called the four steps in our process: Relate; Discover; Advocate and Support.

“Counsellor Selling” is designed as your ready-reference; to delve into frequently, and particularly when any relationship isn’t quite working out for the best for all involved.

First, read “Counsellor Selling” cover to cover, highlighting passages and making margin notes as you go. Each chapter commences with a quotation and concludes with reference to other material in support of its conclusions. As you begin to immerse yourself within your study you must inevitably improve your effectiveness with others.

With hundreds of excellent books to choose from, a few are listed at the end of each chapter to get you going. I strongly urge you to study at least one of these titles a month for the next 12-months. After a full-year of study and practice, you won’t want to stop seeking input that enhances your inter-personal skills awareness and multiplies your happiness and income.

Chapter 1 RELATE: Most relationships are damaged not by the content of the conversation but by the way the words and actions are being perceived (re-visit the opening lines about the plumber once more). Should you want to focus on improving relationships at home and work study the chapter on RELATE. which introduces you to the FOUR Primary Personalities and of course, your own. More detailed information on each Primary Personality is available in a complementary book, BEST YOU 1: Who Do I Think I Am? Say Hello to Your Personality [see MORE top right of Home Page, then ONLINE STORE]

Chapter 2 DISCOVER: Seeking positive solutions to problems ~ simple or complex ~ commences with having an agreement that a problem exists in the first place. Telling someone they have a problem tends to get in the way of its resolution. Helping someone discover and agree their own problem requires certain skills. See the chapter on DISCOVER.

Chapter 3 ADVOCATE: Once someone has discovered and agreed a problem AND that they want to do something about it precedes seeking solutions. Yet, if handled badly, seeking solutions becomes a stumbling block. The chapter ADVOCATE encourages those who have discovered and agreed a problem to explore every possible solution before selecting the best one for them, right now. The skills required to help someone discard lesser solutions on that journey must never be underestimated.

Chapter 4 SUPPORT: No human can manage time! But we can manage our tasks! Effective Planning is doing the right thing! Efficient Organising is doing the thing right! Many people like to commence their study of “Counsellor Selling” with the chapter on SUPPORT. In effect you are learning how to choose to do the right thing, right!

Chapter 5 RELAXATION: People talk about relaxing without knowing how to truly attain it! The chapter on RELAXATION reveals an ancient Oriental self-fulfilling technique allowing you to manage your natural stress-levels either in the company of others or to attain quality sleep.

Complicated is easy! Simple is hard!