10. Jul, 2019

Support ~ Doing The Right Thing, Right!

The Oxford English Dictionary includes in its definition of Addiction “... the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular activity or habit ... ”.

Coaches of every discipline emphasise ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. They are talking about substituting good activities and habits for bad ones!

This weeks T4TW looks at level four of highly effective decision-making ~ SUPPORT. SUPPORT (level 4) follows ADVOCATE (level 3), which follows DISCOVERY (level 2), which are all encompassed in RELATE (Level 1).

SUPPORT means positive reinforcement of the immediate action agreed during Advocate. Without SUPPORT, the person with the problem feels isolated from their Discovery Agreement and may succumb to procrastination ~ nothing happens!

Read the following words out loud several times: “Planning is to Effectiveness as Organising is to Efficiency! Effective planning always comes before efficient organising if I want to obtain the desired outcome.”

Effective Planning means Doing the Right Thing! It is aligning the tools of your trade with your personal talents, strengths and skills. It includes preparing your physical, emotional and intellectual energy to obtain the objectives you are working on, alone, or with others.

Efficient Organising means Doing the Thing Right! It is performing in the best possible manner with the least wastage of time and effort. It includes applying in the correct scheme of things, your requisite knowledge, skill, competence and capability to obtain the objectives you are working on, alone, or with others.

Together these two vital disciplines ensure you will always SUPPORT the person solving his problems by Doing The Right Thing, Right!

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