7. Aug, 2019

Increasing Your Readership Response 10-fold!

Statistically only 1%-3% of unsolicited letters, emails and text is read!

As you've been discovering over the past few months, each face2face situation has the advantage of allowing you to accommodate the primary personality of the person in front of you ~ provided you know how to adjust your behaviour.

To recognise PP, ask yourself two simple questions:

1) is the person in front of me attempting to guard their emotions? Yes, equals COOL. No, equals WARM; and

2) is this person attempting to control my thoughts and actions? Yes, equals TELLER. No, equals ASKER.

You have now identfied the four primary personalities.

In the written form, however, you won’t have the above advantage unless you are already aware of someone’s primary personality. And, that’s why mailshots have a high statistical failing rate.

Capturing the ATTENTION NEEDS of each primary personality raises reader connectivity by as much as 10-fold! That’s a potential increase of reader-reach from 3% to 30%.

The following writing sequence has been tested and it only works!

Opening Paragraph ~ the least patient of the four primary personalities is the Demanding COOL / TELLER, which represents 10% of the tested population! Their eyes tend to flick between the top and bottom of unsolicited correspondence seeking the gist of the communication. So, open with a bold strapline below your salutation, plus a bold post-script below your signature that focuses on anticipated results.

Second Paragraph ~ the Interactive WARM / ASKER, which represents 30% of the tested population is the next least patient. Describe how your ideas, products or services has improved the financial situation of the people who work with and through you. Adding a line about ‘lifestyle’ helps, too.

Third Paragraph ~ the Cautious COOL / ASKER, which represents 20% of the tested population, wants the detail. But, too much detail within the core of your correspondence tends to switch off Teller personalities. So, briefly outline how your ideas, products or services work offering links to the detail. In a letter, this can be achieved by adding an appendix or a brochure or an invitation to obtain them. In e-correspondence the same thing is achieved by adding e-links and/or attachments.

Closing Paragraph ~ the Supportive WARM / ASKER, which represents 40% of the tested population is the most patient of all the primary personalities. Don’t mention specific names or companies without prior permission, but add a few lines about the people your ideas, products or services have benefited ~ personally. Maybe family members, friends, employees, work colleagues and, of course, customers.

The above highly effective writing sequence is: COOL/TELLER followed by WARM/TELLER, followed by COOL/ASKER followed by WARM/ASKER.

Why settle for 3% success, when you could attain 30% or better by simply adjusting your paragraph structure.

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