14. Aug, 2019

What Is Your Private Victory?

Our Relate-Discover-Advocate-Support model for highly effective decision-making achieves remarkable results for those who conscientiously apply it.

Many clients attain significant growth following our coaching. One multi-million pound company saw a 16% increase in turnover within 90-days of initiating our programme! Needless to say, they were pleased!

Yet, we remain curious to know why some clients just carriy-on carrying-on without any appreciable gain. We always want to know why some grow from strength-to-strength whilst others languish?

In Stephen R. Covey’s excellent book, “The 7-habits of Highly Effective People” we have a working model to compare receptive clients with ‘also-rans’. Our research reinforces time-and-again Stephen’s decades old research that no individual or organisation will win in the public arena unless and until they have won in their private arena.

This paradigm acceptance is fundamental to on-going high success and growth in any endeavour.

In PART 1) of a two-part T4TW, we examine the components of what Stephen calls, “Private Victory”; containing the three key ingredients that secure working on yourself, which, if left un-secured, critically hampers “Public Victory”; containing the three key ingredients that secure working with and through others.

PART 1) Private Victory

Private Victory is about personal discipline, and yes, few people like that word ~ discipline! Yet, without targeted discipline everything you achieve is by chance; the result of luck over judgement and more often than not the result of someone else’s’ targeted discipline which can just as easily be withdrawn, leaving you once more in the wilderness wondering what the heck happened.

We see this time and again when employees with talent are “let go”.

The 3-key private victory ingredients that secure working on yourself are:

1)    Doing something in direct support of what you want to become and doing it every single hour of every single day you decide to go-to-work. Stephen calls this, ‘Be Proactive’!

Being pro-active means remaining alert before something happens. It means standing in your starting blocks ready to come out running when opportunity knocks. The opposite is to remain re-active, waiting for things to unfold by which time the opportunity will have passed you by.

2)    Having a dream bigger than you; a dream of what you want to become. A dream that makes you feel elated and, yes, even a little scared. Too many people set goals without a dream and wonder why they have gone off track. Goals are necessary, of course, but remain impotent without the motivation supporting them; and I don’t mean money, which is a by-product of all accomplishment! Stephen calls this ‘Begin With The End In Mind’!

Beginning with the end in mind means starting each disciplined task or project holding a clear vision of your ultimate destination, and to continue towards it by flexing your pro-active mental muscles to make things happen.

3)    Staying planned and organised. Planning is doing the right thing. Organising is doing the thing right. Put together they produce doing the right thing, right. Stephen calls this, ‘Putting First Things, First’!

Putting first things first combines item 1) and item 2) above and happens moment-by-moment. It deals with task-management of what is important over what is urgent and includes life -management: Who you are? What you want to become? Why you do what you do? What is your purpose? What are your motivating values?

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Complicated is Easy! Simple is Hard!