17. Sep, 2019

Are You Nervous OR Excited?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What’s the difference between nervous and excitement?

When highly successful people are asked the question, "Were you nervous before ... (whatever)?", they invariably reply, "No, but I was excited!"

When comparing the bio-physical signs of nervousness with excitement, we find they are remarkably similar.

The next time you feel nervous about something, take your pulse and feel your heart rate as it climbs. Then, notice how your muscles tense, your mouth dries, and your hands feel clammy in anticipation of what’s coming. Then, the next time you feel excited about something, check your vitals again and you’ll notice the very same bio-physical responses in your body.

Both outcomes are your bodies response to the anxiety of a future significant event.

When you are nervous, you feel agitated or alarmed with negative expectations! And, when you are excited, you feel eager and enthusiastic with positive expectations [see http://www.uetp2016.co.uk/430056072/6809386/posting/what-we-think-is-what-we-get]

Consistent performers in every kind of endeavour learn to interpret such natural stimulus as only positive: totally required for the sustained drive towards excellence ~ which is an object lesson to learn for everyone who wants to become the best they can become.

Think of it like this, training your tummy-butterflies to fly in formation towards a worthy objective must inevitably improve performance. You do this by telling yourself again and again and again that what you are feeling is eagerness and enthusiasm for what lay before you! In a word, excitement.

It is this remarkable benefit, as you prepare yourself physically and mentally for all future events by interpreting what your body is experiencing as excitement rather than nerves. It makes you want to rush forward rather than pull back, and yet it’s the very same bio-physical response.

Only you will decide how to interpret it!

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