2. Oct, 2019

We Have To Think About Something, Right?

So, what do you do when you are faced with intrusive thoughts you can’t shake off? Those unhelpful, unkind, unhealthy, or just plain distracting thoughts?

In a recent BLOG we discussed that thinking leads to actions, repeated actions produce habits, unchanged habits direct character and character determines how we adapt ~ or don’t adapt ~ to other personalities.

Here are four ideas that may help you throw out destructive thinking.

Substitute Thinking ~ Our conscious mind has to think about something, right? After all, an empty mind is an empty room! No sane person, however, wants to entertain self-destructive thoughts but sometimes we struggle so hard to suppress them we just can’t stop thinking negatively!

Instead of dwelling on the rubbish, substitute that thought with a better one! The human mind is programmed to think about ‘stuff’ all the time, so you get to choose what you want to think about most of the time ~ think about it!

A Life In Every Breath ~ When we dwell on the past too much, we can become depressed. When we obsess over the future too much, we can become anxious. Depression and Anxiety are two of the leading causes of mental breakdown today ~ so, stop it!

The next breath you take tells you that you are alive. Enjoying that moment, irrespective of any negative influences around you, is the key to peace within yourself.

Try this for a few moments:

  • Close your eyes
  • Take three consecutive deep breaths and release each as slow as you can
  • Now describe softly to yourself what you see in your minds-eye [record yourself if you want to and play it back in a few days’ time to see how you are changing].
  • Express gratitude for those who love you and for the large or small achievements within the past 48-hours
  • Accept the things that were beyond your control and learn by them
  • Focus on your ‘dream’ ~ and if you don’t have one, create one now

Triggers ~ Many things around us exert influence in our lives. Recognizing what triggers your negative thinking means you take control and can choose a different path to avoid them.

Triggers include toxic relationships, certain Internet, movie and TV programmes. They include certain magazines, or books. Anything that denigrates men or women should be rejected without a second thought. Throw out anything that is mentally or physically unhealthy ~ and start right now!

Never Alone ~ The dark is hard to overcome without light. But, no-one ever need feel alone! If you have never prayed, do so tonight before you get into bed and again in the morning. If you do pray, keep-on doing it.

In either case talk with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, as if He were beside you. Share your ups as well as your downs. Share your private thoughts. Thank Him for everything good in your life and seek courage to change, remembering to pause to listen for the good thoughts that will pop into your head tonight, tomorrow, or at some other time. Act on those impressions as soon as you can. (see James 1:5-7)