19. Nov, 2019

TEST Your Own '7-Habits of High Effectiveness'

When the excellent Stephen R. Covey first published his 7-habits of Highly Effective People in August 1989, I wonder if he imagined it would remain a consistent best seller for 3-decades?

Though many people-coaches have built their career upon Stephen's original work, his simplicity stands as testament to his insight.

How do you measure up against these 7-Habits? 

Honestly, score yourself 1(lo) - 5(hi) for each habit. Maybe ask a close friend or a colleague for their perception of you, too:

1. Being Proactive ~ do you anticipate or create and control your consequential situations rather than merely respond to its outcome?

2. Beginning With The End In Mind ~ do you start each day, task or project with a clear vision of your desired outcome, then progress sequentially by flexing your proactive muscles (see 1 above) to make things happen?

3. Putting 1st Things 1st ~ do you action important matters ahead of other things?

4. Thinking Win/Win or No Deal ~ do you maintain an open mind and heart that constantly seeks mutually beneficial outcomes in all human interactions, or agree to disagree agreeably?

5. Seeking 1st To Understand, Then To Be Understood ~ do you stop yourself thinking about what you want to say and genuinely listen to truly comprehend another person’s perspective or paradigm?

6. Synergise ~ do you combine and coordinate your activities with other peoples activities to produce a joint outcome greater than the sum of individual effort?

7. Sharpening Your Saw ~ do you have a balanced programme of self-renewal in the four life-areas: physical, social/emotional, mental and spiritual?

If your honest score is above 26-out-of-35, congratulations you are in the rarefied top quartile. But, keep practising to improve your effectiveness 'habits'. It will pay dividends both emotionally and financially!

Major on any individual ranking of 3 or less, conscientiously striving to improve each in the order as written above (Habit 3). 

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Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!