28. Nov, 2019

What Does It Mean To ‘Love What You Do’?

Arguably, the acceleration of the 'motivation movement' occurred just 60-year ago in 1957 following an American broadcast by radio speaker and author Earl Nightingale (1921-89). *‘The Strangest Secret’ earning him the very first Gold Record Award for selling over 1-million recordings of the mindset of becoming your best by loving what you do.

But what does it mean to love what you do? And, if this is true, why do the majority of people in the western world never seem to obtain that fulfilment after 6-decades?

The mind of man demands purpose or meaning! It must pursue a worthy ideal or it stagnates and dies (read ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’ by Viktor E. Frankl). True fulfilment is real happiness and can be stated as that persistent feeling of self-fulfilment. That one’s worthy hopes and ambitions are at the top of the ladder they are climbing right now, and which is not the direct pursuit of riches or possessions but of seeking other people's happiness, first.

If one is to realise their ladder is leaning against the right tree, appropriate work-choice plays a critical role in providing opportunity to draw on the qualities of personal character within an environment connecting similarly like-minded people. Choose wisely and your emotional and financial wellbeing is highly probable. Choose otherwise...!

So why ~ according to US Gallop ~ were more than two-thirds of workers dissatisfied with their engagement, meaning they felt no real connection to their job-role displaying low self-esteem that all too often resulted in low productivity or multiple job-moves?

In a recent blog I provoked some heartfelt response following my claim that a typical working-life is over after 500 salary cheques! All work done without love is hard-labour, a sort of day-prison. Your stuff of life emanates from you when you love what you do for the people you are doing it with.

Psychologist's agree mental health is maintained by doing what you love to do, making you an ambassador for those who pay you, or within your own business enterprise. Balanced mental health derives from that sense of meaning and purpose, we spoke of earlier, which determines your entire psychological well-being. 

Those at home, at work and at play want to be ‘taking’ whatever you are taking. Your demeanour remains attractive. Your family is happier. You get noticed within your job-role and, maybe, by other organisations prepared to head-hunt someone just like you, raising the probability of higher financial as well as emotional reward.

A Word of Caution

Do you have to love, or even like every part of your job-role? Not at all, and this crucial awareness is important because all work has elements that may be unpleasant. Think of what a medical doctor must encounter and you’ll get the message about really loving the good bits.

Loving what you do, and doing what you love, includes politely ignoring people who tell you not to do it, even if they claim they have your best interests at heart. You must know what fulfils you to truly place your ladder against the right tree.

To explore what motivates you and what satisfies your behaviour requires appropriate professional profiling and effective career counselling.

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