5. Dec, 2019

The Well-Beaten Path to Hopelessness

“It will all work out in the end. And, if it hasn’t worked out yet. It isn’t the end”. Hindu saying.

Why do some people become old well before their time? At 40, they look 60! A sad expression on their face. A laboured walk. A half-hearted smile as they chant their ‘organ’ recital; “O, my poor stomach” O, my poor lungs” “O, my poor back”.

Most people start out in life with hopes and dreams; this is called optimism. Success is only achieved through on-going optimism!

Watch any child at play with a discarded cardboard box and you’ll see it in abundance. A feeling of being king of the castle. Of being invincible. Of being Dennis the Menace or Beryl the Peril (does this show my age?)

But then, we get older! Life’s little ‘failings’ come along with each chipping away at our resolve ~ and failing when not effectively managed, is often painful.

The human mind stores every memory, which helps us choose right from wrong, good from bad. It is a survival mechanism. Instinctively, we do whatever we can to avoid revisiting pain. Yet too many people abandon hope rather than prepare for any possible down-side ~ the stuff that might hurt for a while.

One way to work it through is by following the ancient maritime law of survival at sea of “Planning for the Best and Preparing for the Worst”, which means carrying a metaphorical life vest and survival suit.

Never, ever hear yourself justify failing with, “I knew this would happen!”, which is only a losing strategy that, if continued, becomes an entangling web beneath your feet that roots you to the spot, thwarting any forward impetus until you change.

Eventually, you'll find yourself thinking only about failing and decide it’s not worth trying at all. You'll become bogged down in the mire by your perpetuating fears followed by the ultimate surrender to failure ~ and looking old before your time.

Henry Ford (1863-1947) of the Ford Motor Company had a saying, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, You’re right!” Now, I am not advocating building a manufacturing empire ~ unless you want to ~ but re-read Henry’s philosophy again, and again and take it to heart.

The positive side of the what you think is what you get strategy always moves you forward with confidence and if things don’t work out quite as you expect, honestly review your new situation for better opportunity beyond any limiting vision.

With such an attitude to the inevitable hiccups along life’s journey, you will succeed beyond any temporary failing, staying younger for longer ~ all the way to your very last breath.

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