7. Jan, 2020

Are You Emotionally Starving Yourself?


"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us." Marianne Williamson ‘A Return To Love’.

In the western world, we may pursue any career equal to our skills, qualifications and experience. Our family can walk down the street in relative safety. If our house catches fire trained professionals arrive to put out the flames. If we are sick or injured, other trained professionals patch us up or convey us to some of the best hospitals in the world.

We enjoy clean water, on tap. We have in-house sanitation. We have heating/air-conditioning. We have clothes to wear and shoes on our feet. We have the blessing ~ and curse ~ of supermarkets. We have abundant farming systems. We live a life of relative ease.

So why are feelings of desperation on the rise?

Emotional ‘Starvation’

Emotional starvation shows itself in people as low self-esteem. One outcome is to channel that deficiency through spontaneous aggression not because someone is emotionally self-assured, but because they feel emotionally inadequate.

Shannon L. Alder puts it this way, “The source to low self-esteem is the lack of control you feel you have in your life. If you spend your life competing with others, trying to make right the wrongs done to you, or waste your time trying to look right, you will never achieve contentment and emotional balance.”

The ultimate irony

So many people in the western world surround themselves with trophies of their supposed success yet act as if they are deprived ~ home, car(s), gainful employment, club memberships are never enough. Their advantageous circumstance compels them to buy ever more needless stuff and find some false sense of relief in criticising, complaining and finding fault.

Majoring on the minors, such individuals dismiss what they have going for them. What should be happy relationships are soured by ‘if only’ thinking. From their perspective each real or imagined problem can’t be dismissed merely because others in this world experience genuine loss of home, of separation from loved-ones, of life-threatening conflict.

So, What Is ‘Emotional Balance’?

Emotional balance ~ is one of the 4 life-essentials and companion to physical, mental and spiritual.

Emotional balance ~ may be defined as maintaining the courage to change the things you can change, the grace to accept the things you cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Emotional balance ~ requires conscious effort and constant application. It requires sustained forbearance.

Emotional balance ~ begins with the miracle of forgiveness of others, and forgiveness of self.

To sustain your emotional balance, seek relationships with meaning and purpose. Be prepared to un-learn to learn. And, when you are learning that wisdom is knowing the difference between what you can and cannot change, you will be on the true path to your emotional balance.

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