26. Feb, 2020

Your Personality & Burnout

Pursuing a lifestyle contrary to your primary personality and situational motivations tends to lead to fatigue, anguish and ultimately, burnout.

The early signs of burnout include feeling lethargic and snappy. It reveals itself in falling productivity and an overwhelming feeling that you can't cope. This is a condition more common than we might like to suppose, but it is definitely not a desirable one.

In 2018 Gallup surveyed 7,500 full-time employees to discover nearly 1-in-4 (23%) felt burned out always or very often. A further 4-in-10 (44%) felt they were sometimes burned out. This accounted for a staggering 2-in-3 (67%) of the surveyed workforce ~ and mainland Europe and the UK is not so different!

The Right Career Choice Makes A HUGE Difference

With the appropriate qualifications, skill-sets and motivation it is possible for any of the four-primary personalities to perform just about any job-role ~ for a while.

But, as we have explored on many occasions there is compelling evidence that each primary personality performs more effectively, more appropriately and more sustainably within complementary job-roles. This is not at all strange when you consider a specified job-role actually demands specific 'behaviour'.

When high accuracy is critical to quality work outcome, the personality traits of lower emotiveness with lower assertiveness fits well allowing the incumbent to focus on the detail of the task without the need for much human interaction. Think of a lawyer, accountant or surgeon as obvious examples.

In selling and direct customer services the opposite tends to be true. Personality traits that combine higher assertiveness with higher emotiveness fit well allowing the incumbent to engage with customer rhetoric.

The other two of our four primary personalities have their complementary workplaces, too.

Horses For Courses

Discovering horses-for-courses is first about assessing the 'course' requirements ~ or behaviour ~ of a job-role. Then, and only then, comparing the job-behaviour with each candidate’s individual personality ~ or behaviour ~ together with their situational motivation i.e. what rewards are they seeking just now?

This may sound obvious, but you would be staggered how many organisations fail to do it, too often resulting in unnecessary loss of productivity plus the additional expense of recruitment and training a replacementIt is estimated that having to replace one lower-middle manager actually costs an organisation £1,000 per day in lost productivity and additional recruitment costs.

Sleep, Diet & Exercise

Let’s say you are the 1-in-3 (30%) who love your job and never want to do anything else. Yet, you are finding it increasingly difficult to get out of bed each working day or, when you get home, you seem to want more undisturbed time away from the family. Why?

Psychosoma ~ defined as 'mind and body as a functional unit'

Though your personality fits well with your job-role, maybe you are just not looking after your physiology. The essential elements of keeping your body healthy. Perhaps, you are snacking on too many brown lunches and taking too little regular exercise!

Taking care of your mind as well as your body is both work and home related. A balanced lifestyle is critical to coping with everyday stresses and strains and the 3-pillars of psychosoma are sleep, diet & regular exercise.

Sleep ~ Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) indicates as many as 1-in-3 (33%) adults are not getting the recommended 7-8 hours sleep each night. And, when sleep-debt builds up, moods swing, there is a loss of productivity and the inclination to make correct lifestyle choices diminishes all due to exhaustion. A poor sleep pattern interferes with self-control and increases irritability, which leads to inappropriate responses ~ even crime. The body's physiological ability to balance life is impaired. 

Diet ~ When diet is inadequate, the bad bacteria in your gut (candida) overwhelms your good gut bacteria (mitochondria), leading to illness and ultimately, chronic decease if not corrected.

Exercise ~ And, when exercise is inadequate, muscles atrophy, bone density reduces and blood flow to vital organs is impaired.

In short, get your job-role and psychosoma wrong and you could be the most job-dissatisfied chronic disease case on the ward! 

So, choose the right career for your personality and motivation(s), and take good care of yourself!

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Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!