2. Apr, 2020

Primary Personality REVISITED ~ The Cool/Teller

“More relationships are damaged by a clash of personality than any other reason!”

Everyone possesses one of the four Primary Personalities (PP), which probably means most people you meet will not behave as you do!

Over the next few weeks, we shall revisit each personality in detail and, if you recall, we use two observable dimensions to distinguish the four populations:

  • Emotiveness ~ we define as the perceived intent of someone to control their outward emotions when dealing with and though other people, and
  • Assertiveness ~ we define as the perceived intent of someone to control the thoughts and actions of the people around them

To identify where someone falls on each dimension, ask yourself two simple questions about what you are seeing, starting with Emotiveness ~ as this is usually the earliest visual clue:

Q1 “Is the person I see attempting to control or do they freely display their own emotions?”

In answer to this question we have two extremes: Cool meaning this person tends to keep their emotions to themselves; and, Warm meaning this person tends to show how they are feeling. (NB: we can explore ‘moderate’ perceptions if you email info@uetp.co.uk).

Q2 “How is the person I see attempting to control what others are doing or thinking?”

In answer to this question we again have two extremes: Teller meaning this person tends to demand action; and, Asker, meaning this person tends to request action.

The Four Primary Personality populations are:

  • Cool/Tellers ~ represents c.10% of the tested population
  • Cool/Askers ~ represents c.20% of the tested population
  • Warm/Tellers ~ represents c.30% of the tested population
  • Warm/Askers ~ represents c.40% of the tested population

The Cool/Teller

This particular blog revisits the Cool/Teller (1-in-10 people) who is proactive meaning they want to control people and situations rather than simply respond to them. They are task-orientated meaning they put things to be done before the feelings of the people involved.

Words to describe the Cool/Teller include demanding, directing, dominant, dogged, driving and decisive.

To indicate their high-assertive, low-emotional output we use the colour blue.

We can imagine this sign over their door:


Positives & Negatives ~ Cool/Teller is direct. They don’t want to be told how to think or what to do. They are naturally optimistic. They believe the next project is ‘the big one’. They dismiss pessimism. They ignore the nay-sayer.

They are ‘can-do’ thinkers. They are matter of fact. They are blunt. They are planners. They drive toward results. They want to discuss the problem only once. They seek solutions.

They are confident. They expect people to learn from their mistakes. They take the lead. They stick to the task at hand. They don’t suffer fools gladly.

They view excessive emotional display as weakness. They rarely lose their temper. They can roar like a lion but get over it quickly. They respect competent leadership.

They are demanding. They are forceful. They argue others into submission. They are curt if their time is being wasted. They are dogmatic. They are dominant.

They can use hidden agendas to achieve results. They ask questions they know the answers to. They manage situations and people. They are self-sufficient. They become dictatorial when stressed.

Ideal Role ~ A Cool/Teller makes an effective planner, team leader and business builder. They make authoritative military personnel, police officers and politicians. They make pragmatic managers and organised directors.

Greeting ~ Cool/Tellers greeting is formal; not too much chit-chat.

Dress ~ Cool/Teller dresses conservatively; favouring convention.

Environment ~ Cool/Teller wants function; a place for everything: everything in its place.

Use of Time ~ Cool/Teller wants their time used effectively.

Decision Making ~ Cool/Teller wants to make the decisions. Offering them a take-it-or-leave-it option has an equal chance of being rejected. Positive alternative’s is the better strategy.

In Summary

About 1-in-10 of the tested population are Cool/Tellers. They think life is for competing, and they want to win. They have high expectations of themselves and project it on to others. They keep their emotions in check. They relish challenge. They make the world a more orderly place. You may perceive the Cool/Teller is the right person to get things done or that they are just too bossy.

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