8. Apr, 2020

Primary Personality REVISITED ~ The Warm/Teller

“More relationships are damaged by a clash of personality than any other reason!”

Everyone possesses a Primary Personality (PP), which means most people do not behave as you do!

Over the next few weeks, we shall revisit PP and, if you recall, we use two observable dimensions to distinguish four populations:

  • Emotiveness ~ we define as the perceived intent of someone to control their outward emotions when dealing with and though other people, and
  • Assertiveness ~ we define as the perceived intent of someone to control the thoughts and actions of the people around them

To identify where someone falls on each dimension, ask yourself two simple questions about what you are seeing starting with Emotiveness ~ as this is usually the first visual clue:

Q1 “Is the person I see attempting to control or freely display their own emotions?”

In answer to this question we have two extremes: Cool meaning this person tends to keep their emotions to themselves; and, Warm meaning this person freely displays how they are feeling. (NB: we can explore ‘moderate’ perceptions if you email info@uetp.co.uk).

Q2 “How is the person I see attempting to control what others are doing or thinking?”

In answer to this question we again have two extremes: Teller meaning this person tends to demand action; and, Asker, meaning this person tends to request action.

We have now identified the Four Primary Personality populations as:

  • Cool/Tellers ~ represents c.10% of the tested population
  • Cool/Askers ~ represents c.20% of the tested population
  • Warm/Tellers ~ represents c.30% of the tested population
  • Warm/Askers ~ represents c.40% of the tested population

The Warm/Teller

This particular blog revisits the Warm/Teller (3-in-10 people) who is proactive meaning they want to control people and situations rather than simply respond to them. They are people-orientated meaning they put the feelings of the people involved before things to be done.

Words that describe the Warm/Teller include interactive, inspiring, influential, inducing, impressive and interesting.

To indicate their high-assertive, high-emotional output, we shall use the colour red.

We can imagine this sign over their door:


Positives & Negatives ~ Warm/Teller is inspiring. They are outgoing. They are fun-loving. They are stimulating. They are enthusiastic. They like to spend money.

They are talkative. They use bold gestures. They gush. They can be totally at peace. They can be in a blazing mood. They like to go places. They are easily distracted. They like fads.

They want the ‘big job’. They care about recognition more than position. They are creative dreamers. They are inconsistent. They are unpunctual. They are ill-disciplined.

They are interested in people. They have great expectations. They are concerned about what others feel about them. They can be out of touch with their own feelings.

They can be unintentionally rude. They can be intentionally vindictive. They struggle to meet deadlines. They are inconsiderate to some whilst striving to please others.

They are fast moving. They bend it, break it or drop it on their foot. They are restless. They are brash. The Warm/Teller becomes insulting when stressed.

Ideal Role ~ The Warm/Teller makes a convincing actor, presenter and public speaker. They make inspiring coaches, preachers and teachers. They make exciting showmen and entertainers.

Greeting ~ Warm/Tellers greeting is enthusiastic; quite a hail-fellow-well-met.

Dress ~ Warm/Teller dresses smart-casual often wearing a matched-outfit rather than following convention.

Environment ~ Warm/Teller responds best to informality and will often have a casual sitting area away from their work-station.

Use of Time ~ Warm/Teller wants to have some fun; to lighten up before getting down to the serious stuff.

Decision Making ~ Warm/Teller is assertive in a socially agreeable way. They want everyone to have some fun, too. They want to get to know you before looking at what you have to offer.

In Summary

About 3-in-10 of the tested population are Warm/Tellers. They feel life is for living. They love to mix. Their emotions are a constant roller-coaster. They relish recognition. They make the world a brighter place. You may perceive the Warm/Teller is your idea of a partygoer or that they would be just too ‘over-the-top’.

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