10. Jun, 2020

Summary of Previous Weeks Revisit of Primary Personality

The UETP school of behavioural psychology is based on the principles of cause and effect. The stimulus/response mechanism that drives how we re/act from one of the four predominant personalities.

UETP invests more in the concept of nurture over nature. We believe learned behaviour is essentially wired from a very early age rather than innate, and manifests as one of the four Primary Personalities we call: COOL/TELLER; WARM/TELLER; COOL/ASKER; and, WARM/ASKER.

Correctly assimilated, anyone is capable of adjusting their own behaviour to accommodate the behaviour(s) of others before them. We call this role-shifting, the aim of which is to foster a mutually beneficial outcome to achieve greater emotional and financial wellbeing for all involved. A truly Win/Win outcome.

Perception Influences Behaviour

Perception is how people assess their current circumstances, and the people around them, and are founded on early life experiences ~ good and bad ~ together with their understanding or misunderstanding of those events. Each person ‘downloads’ this data as reference for today's responses.

Reacting or Psychological Immaturity

When life or limb is threatened, reacting is often an appropriate response. It is not wise to stand and think about a directly oncoming vehicle!

Most people, however, maintain a reactive rather than active stance to the world around them. For instance, they react with prejudice to stories in the news or to gossip. When someone disagrees with them, they become angry or sulk. A vehicle pushes in front and they blast the horn in annoyance or tailgate. If their flight is delayed, they become irritated or judgmental of the airline.

Acting or Psychological Maturity

Accommodating another’s Primary Personality means the worthy student consciously adjusts their behavioural responses to events, and the behaviour of others. In response, they more often attract the unconscious accommodation of the other as they too adjust their behaviour positively. We now have true potential for a mutually beneficial relationship that seeks a positive outcome for all involved. A joint venture has begun.

Motivating-values (Mv)

If Primary Personality is one side of the behaviour coin, Motivatiing-values is the other. PP is HOW one behaves. Mv is WHY one is behaving. PP, the vehicle in motion. Mv the fuel in the tank (see June 3rd, BLOG for more information).

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Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!