30. Jul, 2020

Personality & Your Live Audience! PART 1 Assertive Personalities

When any audience is targeted on a specific theme, such as a concert, or professional convention it is probable that one of the four primary personalities will dominate.

For example, a Michael Bublé concert will mostly attract the low assertive, high emotive Warm/Askers whereas the annual accountant’s convention will mostly attract the low assertive, low emotive Cool/Askers.

The following observations apply to a mixed personality audience, and I have chosen for my theme my own discipline of Highly Effective Interpersonal Skills Awareness.

The Assertive Personalities

This BLOG focuses on quickly attracting the attention of the two Assertive Personalities, Cool/Teller and Warm/Teller, who typically make up 40% of the tested population, and who represent the least patient of the four Primary Personalities.

POINT 1: Both Cool/Teller and Warm/Teller are ASSERTIVE. The first possessing a highly COMPETITIVE attitude meaning they want to win at just about everything. The second possessing a highly COLLABORATIVE attitude meaning they want everyone to win, but with the proviso it's what they want to do.

Cool/Tellers want a speaker to begin with the end in mind. They want to know WHAT is the expected outcome. They want to know WHAT is in it for them or their business?

Warm/Tellers want a speaker to remain proactive and to involve them from the outset. They want to know WHO has benefited from your ideas. They want to know WHO is using your services for greater gain, now?

POINT 2: Assertive Personalities are easily distracted! They can disconnect when not captivated! So, how do you capture and maintain their attention?

The answer is: Introduce your subject before you introduce yourself!

You open with the Cool/Teller in mind.

‘Everyone who assimilates and applies this extraordinary material, will discover that giving away control, actually returns greater control. (pause) By learning how to accommodate the way someone wants you to behave with them, you will have gained their respect.’

Short, sharp, to the point! You have peaked the Cool/Tellers curiosity!

You continue with the Warm/Teller in mind.

‘As a consequence, (pause) others will feel more comfortable being with you because they perceive you as striving to understand them. (pause) The potential outcome of such a mutually beneficial relationship is higher financial and emotional reward for you both!’

POINT 3: Using the words mutually beneficial appeals to the collaborative Warm/Teller. They too are now paying attention. It’s time to inject a little wry humour.

‘As you were shown to your seats today, I acted as one of the ushers. Thanks for the tips, by the way. (pause) Seriously, as I mingled with you, I listened to your words and use of voice-tone. I watched your body language and your social interactivity ~ or lack of it ~ with complete strangers. On a one-on-one basis, these observations allow me to help you feel comfortable in my presence.’

Now, you introduce yourself.

‘I am Jay Angeletta, and for more than 30-years I’ve coached executives, line-mangers, recruiters, trainers and salespeople to hone interpersonal skills awareness. What does that mean? (pause) Honing interpersonal skills awareness means helping individuals get along better with more people, more often than not. (pause) It means seeing the bottom-line grow as they take more market share. (pause) It means seeing reputations enhanced as more people say good things about them. (pause) It means establishing long-term customer relationships for future business’.

‘Some of you may be thinking, “Sounds like a con-job to me!” And you would be right, and you would be wrong. (pause) Whereas my method of coaching interpersonal skills awareness allows anyone instant access to confident relationships, it is the personal motivation of my practitioners that differs from the dishonest one’s. (pause) Every conman Takes! (pause) My practitioners Give!’

The Cool/Teller and Warm/Teller in my audience are now willing to hear what I have to say!

Next week’s BLOG explores the rather more patient Cool/Asker and Warm/Asker non-assertive personalities, who typically make up the remaining 60% of the tested population.

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