12. Aug, 2020

Primary Personalities: THE THEORIES PART 1 High Assertive

QUESTION: How does the UETP terms compare with others in the field?
Since the time of Hippocrates (5th Century BCE), various terms have been put forward by researchers to define, understand, explain and predict personality.
This week's BLOG brings together popular terms describing the two High Assertive personalities. Next week, we shall look at the two Low Assertive personalities.
REMEMBER: All terms are founded on: 
  • Emotiveness (control of self) ; and, 
  • Assertiveness (control of others). 
We shall, of course, start each primary personality group with our chosen heading:


The Cool / Teller


Dominant (Marston/Clarke)

Choleric (Hippocrates)

Power (Donald T Simpson)

Driver (Merrill/Reid)

Competing (Thomas/Kilman)

Win/Lose (Jay Hall)

Controlling/Taking (Stuart Atkinson)

Dominant/Hostile (Robert E Lefton)


The Warm / Teller


Influencing (Marston/Clarke)

Sanguine (Hippocrates)

Integration (Donald T Simpson)

Expressive (Merrill/Reid)

Collaborating (Thomas/Kilman)

Win/Win (Jay Hall)

Adapting/Dealing (Stuart Atkinson)

Dominant/Warm (Robert E Lefton)

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