20. Aug, 2020

Primary Personalities: The THEORIES PART 2 Low Assertive

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QUESTION: How does UETP terms compare with others in the field?
Last week we compared the High Assertive personalities. This week, we compare the Low Assertive personalities.
RECAP: Since the time of Hippocrates (5th Century BC), various terms have been put forward in an attempt to define, understand, explain and predict personality.
The following headings introduce the most popular researchers’ terms for each of the four personalities, but all assume the two human dimensions of Emotiveness (control of self) and Assertiveness (control of others).
Once again, we commence each primary personality group with our own heading.


The Cool / Asker


Cautious (Marston/Clarke)

Melancholy (Hippocrates)

Denial (Donald T Simpson)

Analytical (Merrill/Reid)

Avoiding (Thomas/Kilman)

Lose/Lose (Jay Hall)

Conserving/Holding (Stuart Atkinson)

Submissive/Hostile (Robert E Lefton)


Warm / Asker


Supportive (Marston/Clarke)

Phlegmatic (Hippocrates)

Suppression (Donald T Simpson)

Amiable (Merrill/Reid)

Accommodating (Thomas/Kilman)

Lose/Win (Jay Hall)

Supporting/Giving (Stuart Atkinson)

Submissive/Warm (Robert E Lefton)

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Marcus Aurelius [AD 121-180]