19. Nov, 2020

Good Relationships Multiply Income & Happiness

Until we revisit the subject again, this paper concludes our overview of the Four Primary Personalities. Thanks to everyone for your excellent questions or who requested a workshop when current restrictions are lifted.

Next week we shall explore more highly effective inter-dependent skills.

CLOSING RECAP: You, me, everyone, are seen through the perception of emotiveness ~ how we attempt to control our feelings and, the perception of assertiveness ~ how we attempt to control the thoughts and actions of others.

We also have a perception of how we see ourselves. Asking family and friends how they perceive us will reinforce or challenge our self-perception (should you wish for a more scientific personal profile, email your request to info@uetp.co.uk).

Based on decades of formal profiling, the *tested population roughly divides into the following:

  • 1:10 ~ COOL/TELLER = controls their feelings and tells rather than asks
  • 2:10 ~ COOL/ASKER = controls their feelings and asks rather than tells
  • 3:10 ~ WARM/TELLER = freely show their feelings and tells rather than asks
  • 4:10 ~ WARM/ASKER = freely show their feelings and asks rather than tells

The above grouping reveals we each have a 60% to 90% chance of damaging a new relationship if we are not paying attention!  Think of any occasion that seriously backfired emotionally or financially and you’ll get the message.

I Like Me Best When I’m With You

Modifying your behaviour (not changing your personality) to accommodate another’s behaviour, is the foundation of our interpersonal skills coaching. When applied effectively, the recipient of your consideration tends to respond in kind. Result: Win/Win.


Over the past several decades we happily claim that those who assimilate and apply our day-to-day methods progress to higher echelon’s in their business venture or chosen career:

  • Businesses have a higher retention of workforce and receive greater customer acclaim
  • Salespeople achieve the highest rewards, recognition and referrals
  • Recruiters dramatically improve career placement and client satisfaction
  • Families prosper

Sincerely Answer These Four Questions:

  1. In my team ~ are the bulk of my people loyal and productive?
  2. In direct selling ~ is my presentation to acceptance ratio better than 7-in-10 with referrals freely volunteered?
  3. In recruiting ~ do at least 9:10 engaged happily perform beyond minimum expectation?
  4. In my relationships ~ do they remain positive even when in serious disagreement?


Undeniably, more relationships fail due to a clash of personalities than for any other single reason. Most profoundly, this does not have to be the outcome!

To discuss this paper, or your workshop email info@uetp.co.uk or call 0044 7900 251258

Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!

*millions as at the time of writing