7. Dec, 2020

A Time To Stop & Think!

The aim of our UETP BLOG is always to Unleash Everyone's True Potential. With this in mind we offer the following rather unusual BLOG.

Please read on ...

These past twelve months or so have been a period in human history that has brought the very worst and the very best out of people. 

Misinformed and inadequate political leadership, corrupt industrial profiteering, and corporate pirates, used fake science to deceive this world into mass hysteria, causing economies, businesses, families, and social freedom to collapse on an unprecedented global scale. 

Black Knights bamboozled the common man into fearing fear itself through manipulation, misinformation, selective statistics, and outright lies.

The reasons why will become evident in the near future. There are White Knights who will bring to book these deceitful tyrants. They are the honest lawyers, honest doctors, honest scientists, honest journalists, and yes, honest politicians who will secure justice in honour of individuals, families and businesses that have fallen along the way, through unscrupulous hearsay, rumour and downright fraud.

As we write this BLOG, a group of German lawyers are preparing a World Class-Action Against Governments citing the alleged pandemic as The Biggest Crime Against Humanity In History.

Assuming Youtube have not taken it down, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpOzHHJmy7g&feature=youtu.be

We make no apology for re-publishing information that celebrates integrity, and honest, hard working people of every land, nation, colour and greed.

I recall Ridley Scott's 1982 film 'Blade Runner'. A dystopian view of a future orchestrated by those who would control everything, which seemed so Hollywood at the time. Watch it and see what such a future can hold.

We must never let a technocratic, greedy, power-grabbing, shameless, immoral, and yes, evil-minded minority become World Controllers.

All caring people, of every clime, must protect the future for their families and their families, families. Must stand and be counted as one voice of common decency. Must peacefully protest wherever and as often as we can, even in defiance of so-called emergency restrictions. And must make necessary changes to any system of Governmment that cripples civil liberty:

see https://www.makevotesmatter.org.uk/

We invite you to join all authentic organisations that stand for truth and justice for the good of mankind.

May God Bless Us Each And Every One.

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!

We pause our weekly BLOG until January and truly wish your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.