21. Jan, 2021

Become Your Best You!


Part I: KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU~ Say ‘Hello’ to Your Personality offers insight into how people behave and how to Accommodate Primary Personality in our daily interactions. Too many relationships are damaged and too much business lost simply because people fail to get along. See Everyone As They Truly Are!

Part II: MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL LEADERSHIP (MBL) aims to achieve High-Yield/Low Maintenance career relationships. Each of us has a particular way of behaving. When those ‘in charge’ effectively manage the strengths and limitations of those they work with unproductive conflict melts away. Everybody Wins!

Part III: MOTIVATING-VALUES reveals individual motivation for action. It empowers managers and supervisor to the ‘price’ people are willing to pay to attain objectives. They will go to work happier because they will receive the particular ‘rewards’ that motivate them. Be aware six key motivating-values ebb and flow as they become satisfied or unsatisfied. Motivate Me My Way!

Part IV: WILL THEY? CAN THEY? is a selecting and recruiting instrument that ‘exposes people problems’ that all businesses face when hiring! If the recruiter does not discover why as well as how someone works, incorrect selection is the expensive outcome. Every Business Hires Its Own Problems!

Part V: TEACHING versus COACHING ~ not the same! From the perspective of Training-The-Trainer-To-Train, knowing the difference between these two essential components of learning and development dramatically improves the incumbents assimilation of skills and job related knowledge. Centering learning and development around a core of inter-personal skills awareness only enhances productivity. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

Part VI: COUNSELLOR ‘SELLING’ helps the salesperson to help the customer Discover and Agree their own problems as well as their own solutions. It follows a natural path of mutual co-operation by removing seller/customer antagonism normally associated with the practice of ‘unique selling points’. Less is More!

Part VII: THOUGHT4TODAY is a compilation of inspirational quotes and comment to promote ‘Psychological Well-being. Use it as a personal pick-me-up and as a regular tonic to energise those you wish to keep psychologically motivated. What We Think Is What We Get!

Part VIII: 15-WEEK PLANNER is the distillation of what makes an average salesperson truly productive! Its common-sense approach to working to activity and never to income is mind-numbingly simple. No-one Can Manage Time! 

Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!

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