8. Apr, 2021

Part 5 ~ Primary Personalities ~ Accommodating The WARM/TELLER

(continued from 1st April 2021)

RECAP: We’ve explored how to recognise each of the FOUR Primary Personalities by paying attention to their: greeting/conversation; dress; preferred environment; use of time, and how they make decisions. Last week we accommodated ~ role-shift ~ the COOL/TELLER.

THIS WEEK, we shall consider how each Primary Personality needs to role-shift to effectively accommodate the WARM/TELLER.


If you are a WARM/TELLER meeting someone you have profiled as another WARM/TELLER ~ you both share HIGH Emotiveness with HIGH Assertiveness. Each of you will naturally want to COLLABORATE, which could be a big problem as keeping in touch with real-time isn’t a strong point with this PP. As you are now becoming a trained practitioner, you must manage each other’s natural enthusiasm for just about everything. You will get along well; your respective middle names being ‘fun’. But you are both capable of having a blinding row when you disagree. Make decisions by referral meaning naming famous/infamous people who are doing something they could do, too.

If you are a COOL/TELLER meeting a WARM/TELLER ~ each of you share HIGH Assertiveness, but not the same Emotiveness; the C/T is LOW; the W/T is HIGH. As you are now becoming a trained practitioner, restrain your natural tendency to press on regardless. Control your urge to COMPETE or they may just tell you where to go. Keep questions light-hearted, even convivial. W/Ts enjoy superficiality. They make decisions based on recommendation. You will need to allow time for some fun along the way.

If you are a COOL/ASKER meeting a WARM/TELLER ~ you have little/nothing in common. Whereas the C/A is LOW Emotiveness, the W/T is HIGH. Whereas C/A is LOW Assertiveness, the W/T is HIGH. This will be your hardest relationship challenge.  As you are now becoming a trained practitioner, you need to overcome your Inclination for correctness. The W/T just doesn’t care about much detail as long as they get what they want. Don’t be put off by inevitable interruptions and distractions. If their mobile rings, they will answer it without a by-your-leave. If someone wants them, they will leave for a while without a second thought. W/Ts make decisions based on who else is doing it? So, keep looking ahead to the desired outcome achieved with/through others, and definitely don’t COMPROMISE.

If you are a WARM/ASKER meeting a WARM/TELLER ~ each of you share HIGH Emotiveness, but not the same Assertiveness. Whereas the W/A is LOW, the W/T is HIGH. You are both people, people but from different perspectives. Whereas the W/A wants genuine friendships, the W/T can get by with fair-weather friends. As you are now becoming a trained practitioner, curb your natural desire to become a Buddy or a Pal. W/Ts just want to have fun so resist your inclination to CAPITULATE if things are not going your way. W/Ts make fun of most people, so, lighten up, and take any joke on the chin. You can make fun of them a little, too. They will not be offended, and will appreciate your good sense of humour.

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