22. Apr, 2021

Part 7 ~ If You Want A Friend ~ Accommodating The WARM/ASKER

(continued from 15th April 2021)

Is it true in our personal and business lives more relationships are damaged by a clash of personality than for any other reason?

Absolutely, and we ignore it at our peril!

We are learning each of the FOUR Primary Personalities display predominant behaviour traits. Each tending to greet/converse differently; dress differently; has a preferred environment; will use time differently, and arrive at decisions differently. Last week we accommodated the COOL/ASKER.

THIS WEEK, we will make behaviour adjustments to accommodate the WARM/ASKER.


If you are a WARM/ASKER meeting someone you have profiled as another WARM/ASKER ~ you share HIGH Emotiveness with LOW Assertiveness. People are very important to you both, so you should feel at home with each other. Both of you seek reassurance that you are making good choices, which can be a big problem as neither of you will want to take the lead. You both share a tendency to CAPITULATE (give-in) under stress. As you are now becoming a trained practitioner, you will need to take the lead ~ just a little.  THEY will appreciate YOUR views and opinions. You won’t upset them, and can chat things through over a nice cup of tea.

If you are a WARM/TELLER meeting a WARM/ASKER ~ you share HIGH Emotiveness, but not the same Assertiveness. Whereas YOU are HIGH; THEY are LOW. You are both people-people, but coming from different perspectives. Whereas YOU want others to join-in and have fun (COLLABORATE), and invariably see the fun-side of most things, THEY seek constant support. As you are now becoming a trained practitioner, restrain your natural tendency to make light of things, and people.  And, definitely DO NOT become frustrated with them when they dilly-dally! Should you need to help them change their mind, use gentle persuasion.Whilst YOU do quite well with casual relationships; THEY need personal mates.Be there when THEY need YOU ~ almost anytime.

If you are a COOL/TELLER meeting a WARM/ASKER ~ you have little/nothing in common as you are the antithesis of each other. Whereas YOU are HIGH Assertiveness, THEY are LOW. Whereas YOU are LOW Emotiveness,THEY are HIGH. This will be your hardest relationship challenge. Resist your determination to COMPETE.  As you are now becoming a trained practitioner, you need to overcome your natural desire to press-on, and push for results. THEY will naturally allow YOU to take the lead, which is fine by you ~ but do it with compassion. If you get this relationship wrong, THEY won’t get mad with you; THEY just won’t return your calls.

If you are a COOL/ASKER meeting a WARM/ASKER ~ each of you share LOW Assertiveness, but not the same Emotiveness. Whereas YOU are LOW, THEY are HIGH. YOU are a TASK person, THEY are a PEOPLE person. YOU respect analytical relationships, THEY need real and personal friendships. As you are now becoming a trained practitioner, curb your natural tendency to investigate the facts and figures of just about everyone and everything. Do not COMPROMISE (be indecisive) because this will confuse them. THEY are driven by their feelings. THEY are warm. THEY are friendly. So, find out about who and what THEY care about.

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