13. May, 2021

Stage 2 Stress Responses ~ EMOTIONAL MATURITY

LAST WEEK we explored Stage 1, or the initial of four escalating stress responses that manifest when there is an imbalance between the demand placed upon someone and their ability to cope with it.

THIS WEEK we explore Stage 2. But first a note to our readers: this paper is not intended for those who have been clinically diagnosed with traumatic stress disorder. Should anyone display any stress responses we describe more than three times in any four week period, professional counselling may be beneficial.

Two Behavioural Dimensions

Though every individual is ultimately unique, it is possible to witness the predominant behaviour of each of FOUR Primary Personalities (PP), or traits that distinguish one from another. To do so, we apply two behavioural dimensions:

Emotiveness ~ the perceived intent to control your feelings when with other people. You tend to freely display your feelings, or you guard them.

Assertiveness ~ the perceived intent to control the thoughts and actions of the people you are with. You tend to get things done by telling, or by asking.

At UETP, we lay Emotiveness horizontally, and Assertiveness vertically, intersecting through the middle of each dimension to form a cross-hairs and hence, reveal the four observable quadrants.

Escalating Stress Responses ~ STAGE 2

As we explored last week, the initial stress response manifests when each PP becomes more of what they are. When we recognise and adjust our response in an attempt to lessen the cause of someone’s stress (see 6th May BLOG), they tend to revert to type.

If, however, the imbalance of demand and capacity-to-cope is exacerbated further, each PP will enter Stage 2 by traveling to the opposing end of their latent Assertiveness Dimension, meaning high assertive personalities become low assertive, and vice versa, thus:

COOL/TELLERS stage 2 = behave like a COOL/ASKER viz they avoid the issue

WARM/TELLER stage 2 = behave like a WARM/ASKER viz. they sulk

COOL/ASKER stage 2 = behave like a COOL/TELLER viz. they are autocratic

WARM/ASKER stage 2 = behave like a WARM/TELLER viz. they are verbally insulting

In Summary

Stages 1 to 2 of PP Stress Response travels from one end of the Assertiveness Dimension to the other.

NEXT WEEK WE EXPLORE Stages 2 to 3 & 4.

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