20. May, 2021

Stage 3 & 4 Stress Responses ~ EMOTIONAL MATURITY

NOTE 1: this paper is not intended for those who have been clinically diagnosed with traumatic stress disorder. Should anyone display any stress responses described more than three times in any four-week period, professional counselling may be beneficial.

RECAP: stress responses escalate when there is a sustained imbalance between the demand placed upon someone and their ability to cope with it.

Stage 1 manifests when each Primary Personality (PP) becomes more of what they predominantly are (see 6th May BLOG). Stage 2 manifests when each PP travels to the opposing end of their Assertiveness Dimension viz. High become Low, and Low becomes High (see 13th May BLOG).

Stages 3 & 4 should not habitually occur (see NOTE 1 above), and manifests through the Emotiveness Dimension meaning latent High Emotive personalities become Low Emotive, and vice versa.   

[NOTE 2: Review the Two Behavioural Dimensions Described in Previous May 2021 papers]

Most stress responses do not go beyond Stage 2, however, on the occasions when the principal cause of stress is not relieved, Stages 3 and 4 may engage, when professional counselling may be appropriate for the health and safety of the individual …

  • S1>THE COOL/TELLER=Autocratic; S2>COOL/ASKER=Avoid; S3>WARM/TELLER=Aggressive; S4>WARM/ASKER=Sulk


  • S1>THE WARM/TELLER=Aggressive; S2>WARM/ASKER=Sulk; S3>COOL/TELLER=Autocratic; S4>COOL/ASKER=Avoid


  • S1>THE COOL/ASKER=Avoid; S2>COOL/TELLER=Autocratic; S3>WARM/ASKER=Sulk; S4>WARM/TELLER=Aggressive


  • S1>THE WARM/ASKER=Sulk; S2>WARM/TELLER=Aggressive; S3>COOL/ASKER=Avoid; S4>COOL/TELLER=Autocratic


The purpose behind UETP coaching is to encourage mutually beneficial relationships by steering away from stress situations.

Should the principal cause of someone’s stress be sustained, notice how each Primary Personality travels through each of the four personalities culminating in their opposing (antithetical) behaviour (see NOTE 2 above).

Recognising early signs of stress is helpful to defusing it, often resulting in greater emotional and financial reward within your relationships at home, and at work.

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