10. Jun, 2021

Before You Recruit One More Person To Your Team

A Leading International Recruiter proudly promoted the fact they receive 15,000 resumes EVERY WEEK! That’s 3,000 every-single-working-day!

The PROBLEM reports Forbes:

  • 70% of employees are looking for another job, right now
  • 90% of graduates fail to complete a full-year in their first post-graduate job, and
  • £1,000 (1,400 USD) is a direct cost to your business EVERY DAY you are searching to replace a former key employee

UETP Research

Following a two-year study of UK & American recruitment practices, one thing became abundantly clear too us, Computer Algorithms FAIL TO SELECT > Here’s why:


Computers are great at assimilating Hard-Facts. The stuff of resumes/CVs that set out work experience, dates, salaries, and job skills that predict whether someone is capable of performing your specified job-role. If someone has done it before, they can do it again, right? Well, maybe. Maybe not! Think about your experiences, to date?


The late Steve Jobs is quoted as saying, “We wanted people that are insanely great at what they did …”

What algorithms fail to do, and fail dismally, is assimilate Soft-Facts. The stuff that resumes cannot list, algorithms cannot assess, including whether your candidate possesses the appropriate behaviour as well as sustained motivation to continue to perform your specified job-role to acceptable levels of expectation. In other words, will you reap the beneifit of the cost of your investment?


As a business, you want to reduce your man-power engagement costs, so you need to do less of it by selecting and keeping insanely great people.

As a business, you must know how to SELECT B4 YOU RECRUIT!

This means a total upfront focus on candidate Motivation and Behaviour, followed by Appropriate, Sustainable and Effective mutually beneficial leadership.

Our highly effective proprietary system is offered to your business ~ with full in-house T&D ~ under license to use internally.

For further information email info@uetp.co.uk

Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!