1. Jul, 2021

Coaching4Growth ~ MANAGING

Our S.M.A.R.T model has been distilled over many years of professional coaching to forge simple but critical links between the 5 *strategic areas for business growth:Selling; Managing; Administrating; Recruiting; and, Training.

Each strategic heading above has 4 **tactical headings:

  • RELATING = seek 1st to understand
  • DISCOVERING = begin with the end in mind
  • ADVOCATING = think win/win
  • SUPPORTING = put 1st things 1st  

Today, we focus on MANAGING

Relating ~ Too many good people defect to your competition due to a clash of behaviour. As a manager, your role is to provide the environment for each person in your care to willingly work within. Learning to lead each person the way they want to be lead (behaviour) begins at the recruit/select stage (to be discussed later). To avoid potential relationship conflict, every job requires a job-description or psychometric profile in support of a self-description of the individual job-performer. For 1:2:1 encounter, understanding predominant Primary AND Backup Personality (1-of-16) is essential for sustained, effective, and collaborative working relationships. Get it right, and individual productivity and loyalty remain high. Get it wrong, your good people will leave you, and your bad people will remain because no-one has discovered them. To arrange your Mutually Beneficial Leadership workshop, email info@uetp.co.uk. Get this right, and you may move on to …

Discovering ~ People want to feel they work WITH you, and not FOR you, which tends to deliver higher yield with lower management needs. When someone is being rewarded the way they want to be rewarded, satisfaction remains high and loyalty strong. There are 6 transient motivating factors each with polar ends that everyone of us seek to satisfy ~ and money is just one of them. They are: Theoretical; Financial; Aesthetic; Social; Interaction; Rules. To arrange your Motivating-values workshop, email info@uetp.co.uk. Get this right, and you may move on to …

Advocating ~ Highly effective ‘managers’ lead-people and manage-things. This may be explained in the difference between Responsibility and Accountability. Though at first these two words may seem to convey a similar message, they are the flip sides of the delegation coin. In short, you may delegate some of the responsibility of your own job-description to another person, but may never delegate your accountability for delivering the desired results of your own job-description. Many managers lose their position through unwitting abdication. They feel so-and-so can just get on with it, and fail to hold short, medium and long-term reviews to measure results pertaining to what they get paid for. To arrange your Delegation workshop, email info@uetp.co.uk. Get this right, and you may move on to …

Supporting ~ Just because you wear a manager’s ‘badge’, you ignore the experience and support of those within your care at your peril. All effective management is a two-way process. Ideas travel upward and instruction downward, requiring appropriate managing training and the psychological maturity of all parties to acknowledge that good counsel may rise, and bad instruction may descend. Planning, Organising, and Reviewing must include each member of staff. It is essential that everyone continues to feel satisfied with how they are being lead and rewarded by your organisation ~ or why should they return to work? This is where an Active Task Analysis Planner distinguishes those who maintain a productive team, from those who don’t. To arrange your Staff Planning & Organising workshop, email info@uetp.co.uk.

*Strategy is working back from where you want to be, by when?

**Tactics is how you are going to get there?

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Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!