15. Jul, 2021

Coaching4Growth ~ RECRUITING

S.M.A.R.T forges simple but critical links between the 5 *strategic areas for all business growth:Selling; Managing; Administrating; Recruiting; and, Training.


Each of the 5 strategic headings above contains 4**tactical headings:


  • RELATING = seek 1st to understand
  • DISCOVERING = begin with the end in mind
  • ADVOCATING = think win/win
  • SUPPORTING = put 1st things 1st  

Today, we focus on RECRUITING

Relating ~ Every manager hires his problems! A candidates’ CV/Resume may be the best you’ve ever seen, but if their behaviour and motivation is not in harmony with your organisation and reward system, such credentials are of little value to you. Managing begins with selecting the right candidate behavioural fit, and their desire to perform, which is why full and accurate psychometric profiling at outset, is critical. To that end, every job vacancy, especially within management, needs to identify HOW and WHY someone will deliver. We coach licenced users to self-administer our highly effective system, to compare: 1) your organisational job-description(s) and career motivating-values; with 2) the candidates’ self-description and personal motivating-values. To arrange your Select B4 Recruit workshop, email info@uetp.co.uk. Get this right, and you may move on to …

Discovering ~ The detectives A-B-C creed states: Accept nothing; Believe no-one; and Confirm everything. The recruiter’s role is just the same. The only difference is that you are looking for a good person, not a bad one. Intellectual, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual are interconnected quotients, or qualities, that maintain life’s equilibrium. When in balance, everyone enjoys sailing the Ocean of life. Out of balance, they list one way or the other, drifting with wind and tide. Yet, striving and failing may also indicate an individual’s determination to succeed. Questioning any rapid change in company, position, location and income may reveal a seeker of the very position you have to fill. There are specific core success/failure questions that discover the IQ, EQ, PQ & SQ of the individual before you. To arrange you’re A-B-C workshop, email info@uetp.co.uk. Get this right, and you may move on to …

Advocating ~ At this stage of the interviewing process, you have effectively assessed the best behaved, appropriately motivated and well-balanced candidate for your job-vacancy. But, why should they want to return for further interview? A well-composed 10-minute video of where your organisation has come from, where it is right now and where it is going,can be extremely evocative. The late Steve Jobs [1955-2011] emphasised ‘Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.’ To arrange your Career Presentation workshop, email info@uetp.co.uk. Get this right, and you may move on to …

Supporting ~ All highly effective people make decisions quickly and change them slowly. Your best candidate wants to know s/he is acceptable to you. How do you offer the ‘olive branch’ without encouraging them to feel they are superior to your offer, or your existing team? How do you maintain the advocating win/win formula? Setting between-interview tasks is an effective practice that can secure your preferred candidate’s continued interest. But what tasks? And, how many? To arrange your Probability of Success workshop, email info@uetp.co.uk.

*Strategy is working back from where you want to be, by when?

**Tactics is how you are going to get there?

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Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!