22. Jul, 2021

Coaching4Growth ~ TRAINING

Selling; Managing; Administrating; Recruiting; and, Training forms our S.M.A.R.T model, which forges simple but critical links between the 5 *strategic areas for all business growth.

Each of the 5 strategic headings above contains 4 **tactical headings:

  • RELATING = seek 1st to understand
  • DISCOVERING = begin with the end in mind
  • ADVOCATING = think win/win
  • SUPPORTING = put 1st things 1st  

Today, we focus on TRAINING

Relating ~ In training, Seeking 1st to Understand means capturing the what, the who, the how and the why essential to the retention and application of new knowledge and skills pertaining to a specific job-role. Each Primary Personality responds better when their emotive/assertive traits are deliberately accommodated within the classroom or group or personal review setting.

The least patient of the four PPs is the COOL/TELLER who wants to be satisfied first by knowing WHAT this training will do for them. Then, the WARM/TELLER wants to know WHO is involved, and will be impacted by this training. Then, the COOL/ASKER, needs to know HOW this training fits together. And, finally the WARM/ASKER needs to know WHY they are being asked to commit to this training.

All hghly effective trainers design their introduction of each new level of knowledge or skill in the sequence: C/T; W/T; C/A; and W/A. To arrange your Training the Trainer to Train workshop, email info@uetp.co.uk. Get this right, and you may move on to …

Discovering ~ In training, Beginning With the End in Mind means the effective application of (S.M.A.R.T) Selling-Managing-Administering-Recruiting-Training as the brick-and-mortar strategies for every growing organisation. Each is supported by the tactical elements of (R.D.A.S) Relate-Discover-Advocate-Support. To arrange you’re S&T workshop, email info@uetp.co.uk. Get this right, and you may move on to …

Advocating ~ In training, Thinking Win/Win means consistently checking the job-application of new knowledge and skills through individual and team feed-back, together with routine career progression reviews, especially within the first 15-weeks. The 15-week Planner (x4 each year), is designed to be maintained by the incumbent, allowing their supervisor to critique what is happening and when to secure specific job-related productivity. To arrange your Career Progression workshop, email info@uetp.co.uk. Get this right, and you may move on to …

Supporting ~ In training, Putting 1st Things 1st means ongoing career development. Whereas personality essentially remains the same throughout life, motivating-values change as rewards are obtained ~ or lost. Routine administering of our psychometric instrument reveals what is currently stimulating your individual people. Failure to apply this, with sincere interest, only serves to push your people into the arms of other organisations who appear more appealing. To arrange your Motivating-values workshop, email info@uetp.co.uk.

*Strategy is working back from where you want to be, by when?

**Tactics is how you are going to get there?

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Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!