26. Aug, 2021

FAQ No1 - Are People Really This Predictable?

We are what we habitually do!

During the past 4-decades of coaching and writing about inter-personal skills in general and Primary Personality in particular, ten questions recur. Here is my answers to the first:

1. Are People Really This Predictable?

You don't have to take my word for it; test it for yourself!

The 5th century BCE physician and philosopher Hippocrates noted that his patients could be placed into four distinct behaviour groups. At that time he thought the cause of these commonly identifiable traits was due to 'humours' or physical conditions.

Two-and-a-half thousand years later, during the first half of 20th century, William Marston and Walter Clarke produced their famous DISC model based on the psychological conditioning of everyone's first 5-years of life.

To identify your own or anothers Primary Personality, simply ask yourself two questions:

Q1) How do I - or the person I'm observing - attempt to control the display of emotions when dealing with others? Either you or the person in front of you tends to be emotionally reserved or emotionally volcanic!

Q2) How do I - or the person I'm observing - attempt to control the thoughts and actions of the people I am/they are with? Either you or the person in front of you tends to tell people what they want (assertive) or ask people for what they want (non-assertive)!

On paper - or in your mind - lay the emotive dimension horizontally and the assertive dimension vertically bisecting the former. You have created four quadrants and identified the four individual Primary Personalities, which we call COOL/TELLER; WARM/TELLER; COOL/ASKER; and WARM/ASKER.

To discuss this FAQ and how to behave with the different PPs, email info@uetp.co.uk

Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!