2. Sep, 2021

FAQ No2 - Surely Everyone Possesses Traits From Each Personality?

During the past 4-decades of coaching and writing about inter-personal skills in general and Primary Personality in particular, ten questions recur. Here is my answers to the second:

2. Surely Everyone Possesses Traits From Each Personality?

Pure Primary Personality, though exceptional, is easier to recognise.

Most people, however, also possess the traits from a back-up personality, meaning their primary traits are compensated by the traits of one of the other personalities.

For example, the high-assertive, low-emotive pure COOL/TELLER, which represents 1-in-10 of the tested population, predominantly behaves in a demanding, dominant, driving and decisive manner.

Possessing a back-up personality of their opposing WARM/ASKER, would offer compensating traits to include being supportive, sentimental, steady, and social.

With a vertical back-up personality of the COOL/ASKER, they would be compensated with caution, concern, circumspection, and contemplative traits.

With a horizontal back-up personality of the WARM/TELLER, they would be compensated with interactive, inducing, inspirational, and influencing traits.

From the above, we learn that Primary Personality is more often influenced by a Back-Up Personality.

NOTE: When facing high stress situations, however, each personality initially reverts to their primary traits meaning, their first response to antagonism is to become more of what they are.

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