9. Sep, 2021

FAQ Nos 3 & 4 Faking it & Work

During the past 4-decades of coaching and writing about inter-personal skills in general and Primary Personality in particular, ten questions recur. Here is my reply to 3 & 4:

3. Won’t People See Me Faking It?

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you role-shift to other people to a certain extent or you would enjoy little or no social interaction at all. Our students, however, actively improve their effectiveness with others by a factor of several times, meaning they get along with more people in life enhancing situations more of the time.

Imagine multiplying your happiness and income when it really counts, and you will understand and appreciate the effort put in to mastering our principles of inter-personal skills awareness.   

4. Do Certain Personalities Really Perform Certain Work Better?

There is no doubt, that every organisation hires its problems - period!

Given appropriate skills, relevant qualifications, and sustained motivation just about anyone can perform just about any role. Yet, it is evident that when the traits of work fail to harmonize with the traits of behaviour and motivation inconsistent productivity and greater supervision is the outcome.

Here is an example of an international corporation who got it wrong and cost them dearly in the process.

A cautious, careful, calculating Cool/Asker was hired on a large salary as a technical consultant. Doing well in her first year the company required her to accept a driving, directing, decisive Cool/Teller management role over others doing her former job.

Every working day she returned home emotionally exhausted until, within 12-months as a manager, she tendered her resignation, and joined a competitor as, guess what, a technical consultant. PDQ!

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