16. Sep, 2021

FAQ Nos 5 & 6, Team Productivity & Motivation

During the past 4-decades of coaching and writing about inter-personal skills in general and Primary Personality in particular, ten questions recur. Here is my reply to numbers 5 & 6.

5. Can Interpersonal Skills Awareness Genuinely Improve Team Productivity?

Absolutely, subject to correct assimilation! Ask any organisation with disproportionate staff turnover how much they invest in inter-personal skills awareness and the honest ones will admit not much. Too many good staff are lost to the competition because mangers don’t know how to work to their people’s strengths. Misunderstanding becomes dissatisfaction, then disaffection, then dejection and finally, defection!

Each personality can be appropriately ‘accommodated’ so that small niggles never escalate into big niggles, and happy people more willingly donate themselves to the cause of greater productivity.

We have coached clients to significant increases in productivity in a matter of weeks. We maintain it is the responsibility of every leader, at whatever level, to constantly strive to understand what behaviour matters to their people's effectiveness. To work to their positive traits and teach/coach/manage them to want to modify any negative traits (see BEST YOU: Part II Mutually beneficial Leadership).

During this enlightening process, mutual understanding builds between everyone ~ “I Like Me BEST When I’m With YOU”.

6. Does Motivation Determine Behaviour?

Motivation is WHY someone does something, or keeps on doing it; not HOW they do it, which is personality. For example, religious leaders often possess the same primary behaviour traits as business leaders. So, when each sit down with their respective councils/directors, we observe similar behaviour at work, but driven by different motivating-values.

Remember, personality determines HOW someone does something, motivation determines WHY they do it! [For insight into WHY people do things see, BEST YOU: PART III Motivating Values].

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