30. Sep, 2021

FAQ No 10 What’s The Next Step?

You may have noticed our strap-line states: Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!

In answering FAQs, we hope you will agree that accommodating Primary Personality is achievable, and genuinely can multiply income and happiness through the persistent and consistent practice of our simple principles.

What’s The Next Step?

  1. Complete a shortlist of the people you consider most important to you. Include family, bosses, work colleagues, and clients/ customers.
  2. Without getting mysterious and spooky, pay closer attention to the behaviour of those you have listed. Are they mostly emotionally COOL or WARM? Do they tend to TELL or ASK to get things done?
  3. In addition, observe those tendencies in strangers in public places such as restaurants, pubs, clubs and supermarkets. Observe uniformed officials at work; and politicians on TV. Observe movie characters. Observe people in open spaces, and on public transport. Pay attention to everyone, everywhere. 
  4. Check out Desmon Morris’s classic, ground-breaking original book 'Manwatching', which will lead you to other excellent publications.
  5. Check out our BEST YOU series … http://www.uetp2016.co.uk/430055565/category/823023
  6. Enjoy your new awareness of communicating the way others want you to communicate with them.

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Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!