22. Oct, 2021

Capturing Audiance Expectation In Less Than 3-minutes

Capturing early attention of your audience is critical. This essential truth is valid in classrooms as well as larger audiences.

The following Introduction protocol addresses individual Assertiveness & Emotiveness that attracts effective receptivity for each of the four Primary Personality.

Though each differ in emotive display, addressing the two HIGH ASSERTIVE personaities first is essential.

First, the COOL/TELLER (1 in 10 people) wants to know WHAT is in it for them. Next, the WARM/TELLER (3 in 10 people) wants to know WHO has used your product or service. NB: Each may become distracted, and distracting, should they fail to be satisfied - up front.

The two LOW ASSERTIVE personalities come next. Third, the COOL/ASKER (2 in 10 people) needs to know HOW your idea, product or service will work. The building blocks, as it were. NB: As you probably won’t have time during a presentation for deep detail, mentioning there will be a Q&A session at the end should hold their attention. Last, the WARM/ASKER (4 in 10 people) are the most amiable of the four PPs. The WHY is important to them. They need to know they can depend on you – personally.

For Example: our workshop introduction might go like this …

20-second Intro’ for the Cool/Teller:Few people like to be sold-to, but most people like to buy! When you apply the concepts we shall introduce today, you will be rewarded with greater emotional and financial effectiveness. You will be perceived as showing genuine interest in people.”

30-second Intro’ for the Warm/Teller: “Just for a moment, think of some good communicators you have observed. These may include friends, colleagues, chat-show hosts, public speakers and presenters. Ask yourself, ‘What do these people have in common?’ ‘Why do they connect with you?’ Though most people possess some natural people-skills, these communicators work, and work, and work on their interpersonal skills. They are aware of the different predominant behaviour traits, and have learned to recognise and accommodate each of them”.

60-second Intro’ for the Cool/Asker: “Robert Louis Stevenson famously wrote, 'everyone sells'. Yet, some of you may be thinking that you are not, and never want to be, a salesperson. But, consider this. Have you ever attempted to persuade someone to a point of view? Have you ever recommended a book, a restaurant, a film, a location? Have you ever presented facts and figures to solve a problem? Should you have engaged in any of these you are attempting to ‘ … persuade someone of merit …’ You see selling, by definition, is not simply a pecuniary activity. During this presentation we will introduce our workshop, when you will discover the four primary personalities that make up this world. And, you are one of them! You will learn how to relate to the others the way they want to be related to. You will learn how to quickly accommodate those who want you to get to the point, or who want to have a little fun along the way; or who need to focus on the detail, or who need personal reassured every step of the way.”

60-second Intro’ for the Warm/Askers: “Almost everything we do is accomplished with or through other people. People are very important and make the world go round. Conflict on an individual or national level is not principally the result of a logical decision, the things that can be measured. After all, who can justify the human and financial costs of conflict? Such damaging disagreement is too often the result of different beliefs, or political views, or clashes of culture, or clashes of personalities. The application of the skills we shall introduce today must never be over-estimated. They will enhance your personal relationships in families, and in professions. They will enhance every business transaction. When our material is assimilated and consistently and persistently practiced, your personal world must change for the better. You will develop more reliable friendships. You will have more mutually beneficial outcomes. Or, you will agree to disagree, agreeably. Let’s get started.”

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Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!