13. Nov, 2021

Life Is What Our Thoughts Make Of It!

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus was a Roman emperor for the last 19-years of his life.
A Stoic philosopher, he was the last of the rulers known as the Five Good Emperors, and the concluding emperor of the Pax Romana era of relative peace and stability for the Roman Empire.
He served as Roman consul in AD 140, 145, and 161 and was bornApril 26, 121 AD in Rome, Italy. He died at the age of 59 on March 17, 180 AD in Sirmium.
Noone can get your goat unless they know where you have tethered it!
When you ponder and apply, 'Life is what our thoughts make of it', it can truly open up your pathway to a balanced life. Think of his quote as a single word, CONSENT!
Too many people allow others to negatively influence, even control, their lives because they 'consent' to what others think and say about them.
For example, when you allow someone to upset you, you have consented to them doing so. When you allow someone's opinion of you to make you feel guilty, you have consented to them doing so.
This is not to suggest that mature correction of an inappropriate action or words used is to be rejected. It is to suggest that the source of correction should only be consensual when recceived from a trusted individual. In other words, someone you genuinely hold in high regard viz. respect! Noone else should matter!
In Short - Be very, very careful who you consent to influencing your life. Only, focus on the positive that others can contribute to your emotional welfare, and politely, but firmly ignore those who are contentious meaning criticise through heated agrument.
Also see, Proverbs 23:7
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